Gen 0 – Chapter Six – Laganaphyllis Simnovorii

It had been a few weeks since Rhiannon had spent the entire afternoon at the park with Dean and she was beginning to fall for the dark haired man. During that time, Dean had took Rhiannon to his favourite fishing spot and told her that if she was patient she would find something of value, so Rhiannon began to spend most evenings fishing.

Night after night Rhiannon would either find fish or trash as she fished, however she did find a rusty violin once. Tonight felt different for Rhiannon and after a few hours of fishing, she managed to find what Dean had hinted at. Within the soggy clump of seaweed sat a seed, a seed that apparently harboured something worth value.

Yawning, Rhiannon felt her eyes go heavy. It would foolish to travel home whilst exhausted so she quickly looked around to see if she could find somewhere to rest her eyes, luckily there was a bench and that’s where Rhiannon would settled down for the night.

Upon returning home in the early hours of the morning, Rhiannon phoned Dean to ask him about the mysterious seed. Unfortanely Dean was unable to answer the call and so Rhiannon was left wondering what type of seed she had sitting in her pocket.

Rhiannon spent the rest of the day gardening as she waiting for Dean to return her phonecall, a phonecall that would not be returned. Now it might have been the fumes from the ferterlizer, or maybe Rhiannon was suffering from exhastion but the unusal glow that emitted from the mysterious seed seemed to be the cause of Rhiannon collapsing.

There was a sudden sadness surrounding Rhiannon when she woke up, the birds was chirping and the sun was shining bright but neither lifted her sprits. Thinking that it must be something to do with the mysterious seed, Rhiannon decided to do some research. After hours of searching without any luck,  she was starting to feel disheartened. Upon closing the browser in defeat, she noticed that she had received an email from Dean. Fortunately the email contained a link that would contain the answer she was looking for.

“Freelance Botanist Miss H. Lore studied the small sample from Lake Misty in her hometown of Sunlit Tides, many had scoffed at the young botanist’s reasearch but after a few months of experiments Hanne, the youngest botanist in SimHistory  was sucessful in her studies.” Rhiannon read the article out loud, before clicking on the link that showed a video of a young blonde haired botanist. “Are those wings?”

“The Laganaphyllis Simnovorii, or simply referred to as the Cowplant, was a interesting find to me. Research as shown that if we simply plant the berried seed with orgainic soil, just as you would plant any other seed it will grow. What makes this plant so interesting, is that the Cowplant is not your average plant. This plant is both dangerous and wonderful, it as the ability to duplicate as well as consume sims whilst hungry.” Hanne spoke as she addressed the press in the steaming video.

Rhiannon wasn’t sure if what the botanist had said was true but if it was, she needed to see this cowplant. As she pulled out the seed, she noticed that there was now two. Shrugging, Rhiannon kneeled upon the grass before planting the seeds.

As the days passed, the cowplants was beginning to grow and Rhiannon was beginning to get excited.

Gen 0 – Chapter five – Protential soulmates?

As soon as she entered gym, Rhiannon was able to see her protential soul mate. However before she was able to approach him, she was dragged into training with Jamison Gragnon.

“Keep your fists up and punch, punch, swing.” Jamison guided as he watched Rhiannon, secretly he was taking sneaky looks at her. There was something adorable about this new girl but he didn’t want to scare her off.
“Why didn’t Ahab tell me that this was so much fun!?” Rhiannon asked more herself that Jamison as she took punch after punch.
“Well it’s more about getting fit but if you are having fun then that’s good too.” Jamison replied as he walked around Rhiannon, his eyes never leaving her face although he wondered who this Ahab was.

Rhiannon felt energized when she had finished at the gym and as she walked home, her thoughts went back to Jamison, he had made her laugh and it wasn’t until she laughed that she realised how much she needed that laugh. However her thoughts was rudely interupted when she arrived home to find her sink overflowing, quickly she grabbed the nearest thing that she could find to try and stop the overflow; a wrench.

“Stop! Oh please don’t do this to me, I cannot afford to fix you.” Rhiannon groaned as she tapped the sink with the wrench, luckily a jingle was heard and the water stopped overflowing, it was at this point she had noticed that her toothbrush was missing.

It had been an exhausting for Rhiannon retrieving her toothbrush from within the sink and in the end, it ended up in the trash. Suddenly she now longer felt in the mood to do anything but sleep and so thats what she did. Unfortantely for Rhiannon, things didn’t seem to improve as she woken to the smell of rotten vegtables.

“Oh no! My plants!” Rhiannon exclaimed as she jumped out of the bed and ran over to her small collection of plants.

Rhiannon spent the next half an hour tending to her garden, unfortanelty not many plants survived. Once the garden had been tended too, Rhiannon couldn’t shake the smell of rotting vegetable so she did the only thing she could thing of..bathe in an entire bottle of bubblebath.

Rhiannon was abuptly awakened by the sound of her simphone ringing, splashing around in the bath she got aware of her surrounding reletively quickly and realised that she was late for work.

“Hello? How late? No, no, you don’t have to do that. I am on my way, I will be there in half an hour. No, make that quatre of an hour.” Rhiannon spoke as she quickly dressed herself and left for work.

Turns out that it took more than an hour to get to work due to traffic and Rhiannon left work with a warning, sadly this put her in a tense mood and not even a bubblebath could solve.

Feeling slightly tense, Rhiannon decided to do what she did best. She went shopping and felt a little better now that she was a little closer to having an actual house over her head.

Once the weekend arrived, Rhiannon took a stroll to the local park where she met Dean Hutchinson. Rhiannon blushed slightly as she walked over to the table where he was playing chess and asked to join.

“Sure, take a seat.” Dean replied as he looked up at Rhiannon, the moment their eyes met he swallowed slightly.
“Thanks. I’m not very goot at chess, I hope thats ok.” Rhiannon spoke softly as she watched him lay out the chess pieces.
“You know, everyone starts off not very good at chess.” Dean replied as he once again made eye contact with the pretty blonde.

Gen 0 – Chapter four – Droste Effect

It had been weeks since Rhiannon had arrived in Willow Creek and finally things was slowly starting to look up. Rhiannon had managed to purchase a few items and she was slowly beginning to feel at home here, even if technically she still didn’t have a roof over her head.

Once Rhiannon had returned home from work, she had the inspriation to try out her new easel. Unfortunately, Rhiannon wondered if during her time at University of Artistic Plumbobs she had actually learnt anything about painting.

“Is it a bird? Is it a ball? No.. its the ball and chain. What the plumbob have I created?” Rhiannon spat in utter disgust.

Strangely enough, listing ‘the ball and chain’ on earnt Rhiannon a profit of 22 simoleons .

After a hard week at work, Rhiannon allowed herself to connect with mother nature. Every so often, she allowed herself to blow the dandelion puff whilst making a secret wish.

“Dandelion Puff, Dandelion Puff, I blow you away, so go find me my true love so that we shall someday.” Rhiannon whispered as the dandelion puff seperated allowing the parachuting seeds to float away.

Once Rhiannon had finsihed tending to the garden, she decided to visit the library where she signed into her favourite game – Sims forever. As she played she began to feel as if she was in some kind of Droste effect, shrugging it off as random silliness Rhiannon continued to play her game until the dreaded Error 12 popped up, that is.

Annoyed with the error, Rhiannon decided to check her emails where she had recieved requests from protentional penpals. Unfortanely those requests would have to wait because Rhiannon had seen someone walking past the library, someone who Rhiannon couldn’t let slip away.

“Excuse me! This might seem absolutely crazy but would you mind videochatting my friend with me? I know, it does does crazy but she will absolutely love your hat.” Rhiannon huffed as she finally caught up with the hotdog maid.
“Err, I guess.” The hotgod maid replied, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

Rhiannon smiled brightly before activating video chat, within a few moments Ciane answered the call as she placed a bunch of apples into the fruit basket.

“Hi Rhiannon, how…what in plumbob’s name! Oh-My-Plumbob is that…actually I don’t even want to know!” Ciane spoke, her voice changing from a mellowed tone into a tone of disgust. After a few moments Ciane spoke once more, however she only had one question for her friend. “Why Rhiannon, why?”
“It’s Lamb Kosher, I swear! You know, they sell some great lamb hot dogs here..I could send you some.” Rhiannon struggled to keep a straight face as she spoke about the hotdogs, she knew her friend didn’t eat meat but it never stop her from playfully teasing her.
“Rhiannon, how many times. I’m vegan!” Ciane replied as she shook her head before opening her fridge. “Do you see meat in here?”
“I can’t see anything with all those vegetables in there.” Rhiannon answered before laughing, Ciane sighed before laughing with her friend.

After saying goodbye to Ciane, Rhiannon began the long walk back home. However as she neared the gym, she bumped into Bella Goth who was all dressed formally. Apparently t was the Goth’s anniversary and Bella was meeting her husband Mortimer at the local restaurant, where they would spend the evening celebrating. Hugging Bella goodbye, Rhiannon thinks she as spotted her true love.

Gen 0 – Chapter three – Oh Bella!

As Rhiannon appoached her outdoor house, she failed to realise that someone was waiting for her. Sadly for Rhiannon, by the time she had noticed the visitor she was filled with embarrassment.

“Bella! Oh my, I’m so sorry.” Rhiannon gasped as she tried to advert her eyes, instantly  she tried to to block out the imagine she had just seen.

Once Bella had finished using the toilet and had washed her hands she approached a very emabarrassed Rhiannon.

“Well that wasn’t embarrasing at all.” Rhiannon groaned as she tried to hide her face. Funnily enough, Bella was quite amused by the ordeal.

It wasn’t long before the awkwardness that Rhiannon was feeling had dissapeared and was beganing to considered Bella as a friend, in fact Bella was her only friend here in Willow Creek and sadly this made Rhiannon feel a little sad. It made her miss her friends back home, she missed Bear and Candy so much and with missing two of her closest friends, she once again began to miss home. Rhiannon would need to make time to write to her friends but for now, she was going to try and build a friendship with Bella. Pulling out her SimPhone, The girls proceded to have their picture taken.

“Say Plumbob!” Rhiannon said before they both said ‘Plumbob’ as the camera flashed.

Once Bella went home, Rhiannon decided to have a quick bath and a bite to eat before going to bed, which in turn had Rhiannon waking up at the crack of dawn. Deciding that collecting random items and a job wasn’t going to bring in much simeoleons, she decided to plant the few extra fruits she had leftover from her morning breakfast of fruit parfait, in hopes that the fruit would grow and bring in some profit.

Gardening turned out to be rather harsh on the skin and muscles so Rhiannon decided she was in need of a non-calorie treat and so, she got out a bottle of ‘Aerlinniel and Bub’s  bubblebath’ and proceeded to spend the next hour relaxing as the scent of Dumpling’s Rose lingered in the air.

Sadly once Rhiannon had climbed out of the bath it was time to go to work and unlike yesterday, work turned out to be rather stressful and Rhiannon traveled home in need of a pep talk. The moment Rhiannon arrived home, she changed into her nightdress and attempted to give herself a pep talk as well as a few meditated deep breaths to calm her nerves.

The following morning Rhiannon was awoken to the noise of the local post woman delivering her mail, it was time to pay the bills.

“And so it begins.” Rhiannon muttered as she signed looked at the bill.

Gen 0 – Chapter two – The joy of finding a job

Early the next morning, Rhiannon woke feeling refreshed and optimistic. As she sat upon her bed eating a bowl of yogurt, Rhiannon felt like she wanted to do something productive today, something that would help her not only gain her a job but also earn her some simoleons.

Once breakfast was finished, Rhiannon decided that she would spend her day down at the local museum. However, since it was still a little too early, Rhiannon decided to make some chips and salsa which she would eat the moment she got home from her day out.

Rhiannon was beginning to feel rather confident in preparing her very first meal, however that confidence would soon vanish as the vigorous stirring would soon resulted in a huge messy splash.

“Well that wasn’t suppose to happen! I suppose I should read a recipe next time.” Rhiannon mused as she finished off preparing the meal.

Although Rhiannon had intended to visit the museum purely for artistic inspiration, she could not help but have a little dabble on the luxurious ivory piano that was outside on the patio. After a few hours of trying to relearn how to play the piano, Rhiannon had successfully managed to play Tanubanue’s Lullaby, a beautiful piece that her grandmother had taught her as a child.

Starting to feel a little hungry, Rhiannon decided to quickly walk around the museum, though as she walked around the upper floor, she spotted an artistic masterpiece that connected with her in a way that not even Rhiannon could comprehend. Taking a seat in on the ottoman in front of the picture, Rhiannon took note of the style and within moments she had realised that this particular piece of art had been created by an known worldwide artist, an artist who had been known to Rhiannon since her childhood, which of course was due to her father’s hobby.

“Interesting piece?” Bella Goth asked as she sat down beside Rhiannon.
“Absolutely stunning. Addy Wilson’s masterpieces are pure perfection.” Rhiannon gushed as she briefly looked at the dark haired woman beside her.
“Not many can look at a piece of art and appreciate not only the art but also the artist.” Bella replied, she was secretly impressed.

As Bella conversed with Rhiannon, she was certain that the art world could do with her talent and knowledge. Knowing that her husband Mortimer was on friendly terms with the owner of a nearby art gallery, she gave him a call and needless to say, Rhiannon left the museum a few hours later with a job which would start the following day.

Once home, Rhiannon decided that a bowl of autumn salad was more appetizing than the chips and salsa that she had previously made that day. However a sudden itch in her ear had distracted Rhiannon and in the end, she went to bed with a empty stomach. Perhaps she wasn’t hungry after all or perhaps the nerves of her new job had subsided the hunger, either way Rhiannon woke up the next day famished.

Rhiannon was cutting it fine when she woken up, it was almost 8.30am and she would have to try to cope without food until lunch. Luckily for Rhiannon, she had fount out that the art scene was very stocked up on food and she was able to grab a free early lunch whilst following her new boss around the art gallery as she took notes. Time flies when you are nibbling on the tips of paintbrushes and soon enough work was finished and Rhiannon had returned home with a pocket full of simoleons. Rhiannon was feeling rather good about herself as she returned home but as she walked nearer to her outdoor home, she was soon going to be in for a little bit of a surprise.

Gen 0 – Chapter One – Pinkie Pie

After a few hours, Rhiannon had arrived at her new home in Willow Creek. It was no secret that she already missed Oasis springs, everything about this new place made her miss home but she was stuck here and there was nothing that she could do about it. As soon as Rhiannon approached the postbox, her eyes instantly caught sight of her father’s prized procession; the knight at the octagon table. Rhiannon had always disliked this statue so it was no surprise when she instantly cringed.

“Thanks father but I shall always keep this hidden, so that I shall never have to look at it ever again.” Rhiannon huffed as she struggled to move the armoured statue out of her view. (Aka the inventory)

Once Rhiannon had ordered the basics for her new outdoor home, she sat upon the bed and looked at her new furniture.

“So you don’t have any vacancies for me? No, I understand. I’m sure something will pop up, ok. Thankyou, goodbye.” Rhiannon said as she spoke to the sixth protenial employer that day, as soon as she click the button to end the call she sighed heavily.

Rhiannon decided that she could search the area for items, with the hope  that she could sell whatever she fount get earn her some simoleons whilst she continues to look for a job. After an hour of walking around she fount a rock that seemed to be hiding something and luckily she was right. Unfortantely it was one of the my sims dolls that she use to collect as a child and therefore she couldn’t find the heart to sell it.

After another hour of searching the vacinity, Rhiannon stumbled across a interesting log that sat near the local fishing spot. Thinking that whatever would be in there could protenially earn her some simeoleons she slowly placed her hand into the log and squeeled as she grabbed on to a croaking frog.

“I wonder how much someone would pay for you?” Rhiannon asked the frog as she smiled at the spotted green frog.

Walking along the dark sandy beech Rhiannon decided to stop and take in the view of the lake, unfortunately she happened to get in the way of two men who was fishing.

“Move out the way Pinkie Pie! Some people are trying to catch supper here!” A red headed man snapped as he placed his fishing rod on the ground.
“Huh, what?” Rhiannon asked as she looked at the scowling man.
“Don’t mind him, he is just sourly because he hasn’t caught a fish in over an hour. Names Trey, Trey Champion.” Trey Champion said as he smiled at Rhiannon, extending his hand which Rhiannon shook as she smiled shyly.
“I don’t have to stay and listen to this, I’m going home.” The red head huffed before walking off.

After a few minutes of talking to Trey Champion, Rhiannon got a little confidence to ask him if he would teach her how to catch a fish and she was happy to discover that he was more than happy to show her.

“Like this?” Rhiannon asked as she reeled the line, she felt a little scared of snapping the line but at the same time she was excited that she was learning a new skill, a skill that her father was always too busy to teach.
“Yes that is really good, steady now.” Trey guided as he watched Rhiannon catch herself a minnow fish.

Once Rhiannon had caught a few fish, she decided to see if she could find a Library so that she could send an email to her friend, Bear asking for advice on her new situation. After a few minutes, he wrote back advising her that she should ditch the pink locks and go back to her natural hair colour.

Yawning at the computer screen, Rhiannon made her way home with a bottle of hair dye which would get her hair as close to her natural hair as possible. Within an hour, Rhiannon was back to her golden shade and for the first time in years felt more comfortable being blonde.

“Pinkie Pie.” Rhiannon scoffed later that night as she climbed into bed, as soon as her head hit the pillow she had fallen into a deep sleep.


Sims 4- Legacy founder: Rhiannon Lachance

Rhiannon arrived home from the University of Artistic Plumbobs, or rather she had been at her friends house having her hair dyed pink. Rhiannon knew that this may upset her father but she didn’t care, she was young and wanted to enjoy her life.

“Father, I’m home. You would not believe what happened at uni today!” Rhiannon called as she looked around the house for her father, evenually she fount him in the study.

“I cannot keep doing this Rhiannon, if it’s not the wild parties, It’s dropping grades and if it not that it’s this. What pocessed you to ruin your beautiul hair, if your mother was here this would not be happening.” Hunter yelled as he looked at his rebellious daughter.
“It would be happening father!” Rhiannon yelled in frustration. “I’m my own person and not even mom could change who I am.”
“Thats the problem with you, you are spoilt and think that you can do what you like but you can’t Rhiannon! Life isn’t that simple but what would you know, you are just a child.”
“I’m not a child, father!” Rhiannon stated as she tried to calm herself down although it was proving to be quite a challenge.
“Than act like an adult, you are just like your mother. She too was incredibly spoilt and immensely foolish, it was a mistake to have a child.” Hunter sighed
“Father, how could you say that?” Rhiannon gasped as she tried to comprehend what he had just said, it hurt her immensely.

“Father? Please! Somebody help! Father!” Rhiannon sobbed after watching her father cluctched his heart and collapse. “Please don’t die, I’m so sorry father. No, no, no!”

Later that week Rhiannon met with the family solicitor, Mr Castelo.

“I am truly sorry for your loss, Rhiannon. Your father was one my favourite employers and he will be sadly missed.” Mr. Castelo said as he greeted Rhiannon.
“Thankyou.” Rhiannon replied in a chocked whisper before sitting down.

“I don’t understand, my father as cut me from his will?” Rhiannon asked, her voice trembled as she tried to hold back the tears.
“Not entirely, you will inheirit a large plot of land as well as his most prized procession, oh and a small sum of simoelons that will help get you started.” Mr Castelo replied as he looked down at the will that lay in his lap.
“Isn’t there anything I can do? I mean I was his only child. If the inheirance doesn’t go to me then what will happen to it?” Rhiannon asked as she wiped the fallen tears from her cheeks.
“Ah, thats where the stipulation occures.” Mr Castelo replied as he smiled at the crestedfallen girl.
“Stipulation? What kind of stipulation?” Rhiannon asked, her curiousity peaking slightly.
“Only the child of the 10th Generation can inheirit the full contents of the will, she must hold a bloodline back to your father and must come from the long line of first born’s.”

Rhiannon sat in her room in utter shock, she could not believe that her father had betrayed her. Perhaps betrayed was the wrong feeling but Rhiannon could not help but feel betrayed, only the other week they had been to Candypup’s for her birthday and he had told her how much he meant to her as he gave her a gold heart pendant, which she wore every day.

“I wonder if he lied about everything he said to me that day.” Rhiannon thought as she looked at the picture frame that stood upon the bedside table, the picture was a photo of the last photo she had taken with her father.

For hours Rhiannon stood at her father’s grave, she felt hurt by his betrayal but he was her father and she missed him.

After morning her father’s grave for the last time, Rhiannon left her childhood mansion in search of the empty plot of land that her father had left for her in his will, along with §1800 Simoleons and the clothes on her back.