Gen 0 – Chapter One – Pinkie Pie

After a few hours, Rhiannon had arrived at her new home in Willow Creek. It was no secret that she already missed Oasis springs, everything about this new place made her miss home but she was stuck here and there was nothing that she could do about it. As soon as Rhiannon approached the postbox, her eyes instantly caught sight of her father’s prized procession; the knight at the octagon table. Rhiannon had always disliked this statue so it was no surprise when she instantly cringed.

“Thanks father but I shall always keep this hidden, so that I shall never have to look at it ever again.” Rhiannon huffed as she struggled to move the armoured statue out of her view. (Aka the inventory)

Once Rhiannon had ordered the basics for her new outdoor home, she sat upon the bed and looked at her new furniture.

“So you don’t have any vacancies for me? No, I understand. I’m sure something will pop up, ok. Thankyou, goodbye.” Rhiannon said as she spoke to the sixth protenial employer that day, as soon as she click the button to end the call she sighed heavily.

Rhiannon decided that she could search the area for items, with the hope  that she could sell whatever she fount get earn her some simoleons whilst she continues to look for a job. After an hour of walking around she fount a rock that seemed to be hiding something and luckily she was right. Unfortantely it was one of the my sims dolls that she use to collect as a child and therefore she couldn’t find the heart to sell it.

After another hour of searching the vacinity, Rhiannon stumbled across a interesting log that sat near the local fishing spot. Thinking that whatever would be in there could protenially earn her some simeoleons she slowly placed her hand into the log and squeeled as she grabbed on to a croaking frog.

“I wonder how much someone would pay for you?” Rhiannon asked the frog as she smiled at the spotted green frog.

Walking along the dark sandy beech Rhiannon decided to stop and take in the view of the lake, unfortunately she happened to get in the way of two men who was fishing.

“Move out the way Pinkie Pie! Some people are trying to catch supper here!” A red headed man snapped as he placed his fishing rod on the ground.
“Huh, what?” Rhiannon asked as she looked at the scowling man.
“Don’t mind him, he is just sourly because he hasn’t caught a fish in over an hour. Names Trey, Trey Champion.” Trey Champion said as he smiled at Rhiannon, extending his hand which Rhiannon shook as she smiled shyly.
“I don’t have to stay and listen to this, I’m going home.” The red head huffed before walking off.

After a few minutes of talking to Trey Champion, Rhiannon got a little confidence to ask him if he would teach her how to catch a fish and she was happy to discover that he was more than happy to show her.

“Like this?” Rhiannon asked as she reeled the line, she felt a little scared of snapping the line but at the same time she was excited that she was learning a new skill, a skill that her father was always too busy to teach.
“Yes that is really good, steady now.” Trey guided as he watched Rhiannon catch herself a minnow fish.

Once Rhiannon had caught a few fish, she decided to see if she could find a Library so that she could send an email to her friend, Bear asking for advice on her new situation. After a few minutes, he wrote back advising her that she should ditch the pink locks and go back to her natural hair colour.

Yawning at the computer screen, Rhiannon made her way home with a bottle of hair dye which would get her hair as close to her natural hair as possible. Within an hour, Rhiannon was back to her golden shade and for the first time in years felt more comfortable being blonde.

“Pinkie Pie.” Rhiannon scoffed later that night as she climbed into bed, as soon as her head hit the pillow she had fallen into a deep sleep.


4 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter One – Pinkie Pie

  1. valeoftearz says:

    Yeah, I laughed wen Pinkie pie popped into my head so I thought that it would be a little funny to add in. I’m glad that it made you chuckle :) Ahh hopefully this pace won’t to too boring in the long run. Thankyou so much for reading and commenting <3

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lovesstorms says:

    Isn’t Pinkie Pie the name of a My Little Pony one? I would only think of this because of children, of course. *snicker*

    Great chapter! I love her in either hair color. She’s gorgeous, so she can pull it off. I loved the note about the knight going into your inventory. Trey seems like a nice guy, especially for teaching her how to fish!


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