Sims 4- Legacy founder: Rhiannon Lachance

Rhiannon arrived home from the University of Artistic Plumbobs, or rather she had been at her friends house having her hair dyed pink. Rhiannon knew that this may upset her father but she didn’t care, she was young and wanted to enjoy her life.

“Father, I’m home. You would not believe what happened at uni today!” Rhiannon called as she looked around the house for her father, evenually she fount him in the study.

“I cannot keep doing this Rhiannon, if it’s not the wild parties, It’s dropping grades and if it not that it’s this. What pocessed you to ruin your beautiul hair, if your mother was here this would not be happening.” Hunter yelled as he looked at his rebellious daughter.
“It would be happening father!” Rhiannon yelled in frustration. “I’m my own person and not even mom could change who I am.”
“Thats the problem with you, you are spoilt and think that you can do what you like but you can’t Rhiannon! Life isn’t that simple but what would you know, you are just a child.”
“I’m not a child, father!” Rhiannon stated as she tried to calm herself down although it was proving to be quite a challenge.
“Than act like an adult, you are just like your mother. She too was incredibly spoilt and immensely foolish, it was a mistake to have a child.” Hunter sighed
“Father, how could you say that?” Rhiannon gasped as she tried to comprehend what he had just said, it hurt her immensely.

“Father? Please! Somebody help! Father!” Rhiannon sobbed after watching her father cluctched his heart and collapse. “Please don’t die, I’m so sorry father. No, no, no!”

Later that week Rhiannon met with the family solicitor, Mr Castelo.

“I am truly sorry for your loss, Rhiannon. Your father was one my favourite employers and he will be sadly missed.” Mr. Castelo said as he greeted Rhiannon.
“Thankyou.” Rhiannon replied in a chocked whisper before sitting down.

“I don’t understand, my father as cut me from his will?” Rhiannon asked, her voice trembled as she tried to hold back the tears.
“Not entirely, you will inheirit a large plot of land as well as his most prized procession, oh and a small sum of simoelons that will help get you started.” Mr Castelo replied as he looked down at the will that lay in his lap.
“Isn’t there anything I can do? I mean I was his only child. If the inheirance doesn’t go to me then what will happen to it?” Rhiannon asked as she wiped the fallen tears from her cheeks.
“Ah, thats where the stipulation occures.” Mr Castelo replied as he smiled at the crestedfallen girl.
“Stipulation? What kind of stipulation?” Rhiannon asked, her curiousity peaking slightly.
“Only the child of the 10th Generation can inheirit the full contents of the will, she must hold a bloodline back to your father and must come from the long line of first born’s.”

Rhiannon sat in her room in utter shock, she could not believe that her father had betrayed her. Perhaps betrayed was the wrong feeling but Rhiannon could not help but feel betrayed, only the other week they had been to Candypup’s for her birthday and he had told her how much he meant to her as he gave her a gold heart pendant, which she wore every day.

“I wonder if he lied about everything he said to me that day.” Rhiannon thought as she looked at the picture frame that stood upon the bedside table, the picture was a photo of the last photo she had taken with her father.

For hours Rhiannon stood at her father’s grave, she felt hurt by his betrayal but he was her father and she missed him.

After morning her father’s grave for the last time, Rhiannon left her childhood mansion in search of the empty plot of land that her father had left for her in his will, along with §1800 Simoleons and the clothes on her back.


4 thoughts on “Pre-Legacy

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    Good story! Rhiannon Lachance has much to think about as her choices will ultimately affect whether the 10th Generation receives the full inheritance or not. Looking forward to reading more :)


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