Gen 0 – Chapter five – Protential soulmates?

As soon as she entered gym, Rhiannon was able to see her protential soul mate. However before she was able to approach him, she was dragged into training with Jamison Gragnon.

“Keep your fists up and punch, punch, swing.” Jamison guided as he watched Rhiannon, secretly he was taking sneaky looks at her. There was something adorable about this new girl but he didn’t want to scare her off.
“Why didn’t Ahab tell me that this was so much fun!?” Rhiannon asked more herself that Jamison as she took punch after punch.
“Well it’s more about getting fit but if you are having fun then that’s good too.” Jamison replied as he walked around Rhiannon, his eyes never leaving her face although he wondered who this Ahab was.

Rhiannon felt energized when she had finished at the gym and as she walked home, her thoughts went back to Jamison, he had made her laugh and it wasn’t until she laughed that she realised how much she needed that laugh. However her thoughts was rudely interupted when she arrived home to find her sink overflowing, quickly she grabbed the nearest thing that she could find to try and stop the overflow; a wrench.

“Stop! Oh please don’t do this to me, I cannot afford to fix you.” Rhiannon groaned as she tapped the sink with the wrench, luckily a jingle was heard and the water stopped overflowing, it was at this point she had noticed that her toothbrush was missing.

It had been an exhausting for Rhiannon retrieving her toothbrush from within the sink and in the end, it ended up in the trash. Suddenly she now longer felt in the mood to do anything but sleep and so thats what she did. Unfortantely for Rhiannon, things didn’t seem to improve as she woken to the smell of rotten vegtables.

“Oh no! My plants!” Rhiannon exclaimed as she jumped out of the bed and ran over to her small collection of plants.

Rhiannon spent the next half an hour tending to her garden, unfortanelty not many plants survived. Once the garden had been tended too, Rhiannon couldn’t shake the smell of rotting vegetable so she did the only thing she could thing of..bathe in an entire bottle of bubblebath.

Rhiannon was abuptly awakened by the sound of her simphone ringing, splashing around in the bath she got aware of her surrounding reletively quickly and realised that she was late for work.

“Hello? How late? No, no, you don’t have to do that. I am on my way, I will be there in half an hour. No, make that quatre of an hour.” Rhiannon spoke as she quickly dressed herself and left for work.

Turns out that it took more than an hour to get to work due to traffic and Rhiannon left work with a warning, sadly this put her in a tense mood and not even a bubblebath could solve.

Feeling slightly tense, Rhiannon decided to do what she did best. She went shopping and felt a little better now that she was a little closer to having an actual house over her head.

Once the weekend arrived, Rhiannon took a stroll to the local park where she met Dean Hutchinson. Rhiannon blushed slightly as she walked over to the table where he was playing chess and asked to join.

“Sure, take a seat.” Dean replied as he looked up at Rhiannon, the moment their eyes met he swallowed slightly.
“Thanks. I’m not very goot at chess, I hope thats ok.” Rhiannon spoke softly as she watched him lay out the chess pieces.
“You know, everyone starts off not very good at chess.” Dean replied as he once again made eye contact with the pretty blonde.


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