Gen 0 – Chapter four – Droste Effect

It had been weeks since Rhiannon had arrived in Willow Creek and finally things was slowly starting to look up. Rhiannon had managed to purchase a few items and she was slowly beginning to feel at home here, even if technically she still didn’t have a roof over her head.

Once Rhiannon had returned home from work, she had the inspriation to try out her new easel. Unfortunately, Rhiannon wondered if during her time at University of Artistic Plumbobs she had actually learnt anything about painting.

“Is it a bird? Is it a ball? No.. its the ball and chain. What the plumbob have I created?” Rhiannon spat in utter disgust.

Strangely enough, listing ‘the ball and chain’ on earnt Rhiannon a profit of 22 simoleons .

After a hard week at work, Rhiannon allowed herself to connect with mother nature. Every so often, she allowed herself to blow the dandelion puff whilst making a secret wish.

“Dandelion Puff, Dandelion Puff, I blow you away, so go find me my true love so that we shall someday.” Rhiannon whispered as the dandelion puff seperated allowing the parachuting seeds to float away.

Once Rhiannon had finsihed tending to the garden, she decided to visit the library where she signed into her favourite game – Sims forever. As she played she began to feel as if she was in some kind of Droste effect, shrugging it off as random silliness Rhiannon continued to play her game until the dreaded Error 12 popped up, that is.

Annoyed with the error, Rhiannon decided to check her emails where she had recieved requests from protentional penpals. Unfortanely those requests would have to wait because Rhiannon had seen someone walking past the library, someone who Rhiannon couldn’t let slip away.

“Excuse me! This might seem absolutely crazy but would you mind videochatting my friend with me? I know, it does does crazy but she will absolutely love your hat.” Rhiannon huffed as she finally caught up with the hotdog maid.
“Err, I guess.” The hotgod maid replied, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

Rhiannon smiled brightly before activating video chat, within a few moments Ciane answered the call as she placed a bunch of apples into the fruit basket.

“Hi Rhiannon, how…what in plumbob’s name! Oh-My-Plumbob is that…actually I don’t even want to know!” Ciane spoke, her voice changing from a mellowed tone into a tone of disgust. After a few moments Ciane spoke once more, however she only had one question for her friend. “Why Rhiannon, why?”
“It’s Lamb Kosher, I swear! You know, they sell some great lamb hot dogs here..I could send you some.” Rhiannon struggled to keep a straight face as she spoke about the hotdogs, she knew her friend didn’t eat meat but it never stop her from playfully teasing her.
“Rhiannon, how many times. I’m vegan!” Ciane replied as she shook her head before opening her fridge. “Do you see meat in here?”
“I can’t see anything with all those vegetables in there.” Rhiannon answered before laughing, Ciane sighed before laughing with her friend.

After saying goodbye to Ciane, Rhiannon began the long walk back home. However as she neared the gym, she bumped into Bella Goth who was all dressed formally. Apparently t was the Goth’s anniversary and Bella was meeting her husband Mortimer at the local restaurant, where they would spend the evening celebrating. Hugging Bella goodbye, Rhiannon thinks she as spotted her true love.


4 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter four – Droste Effect

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    What a fun read! Bird. Ball. Ball and chain. **chuckles** Lamb Kosher and Ciane’s reactions were funny, too. Thanks again for bringing smiles and laughter with each chapter you share :)


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