Gen 0 – Chapter three – Oh Bella!

As Rhiannon appoached her outdoor house, she failed to realise that someone was waiting for her. Sadly for Rhiannon, by the time she had noticed the visitor she was filled with embarrassment.

“Bella! Oh my, I’m so sorry.” Rhiannon gasped as she tried to advert her eyes, instantly  she tried to to block out the imagine she had just seen.

Once Bella had finished using the toilet and had washed her hands she approached a very emabarrassed Rhiannon.

“Well that wasn’t embarrasing at all.” Rhiannon groaned as she tried to hide her face. Funnily enough, Bella was quite amused by the ordeal.

It wasn’t long before the awkwardness that Rhiannon was feeling had dissapeared and was beganing to considered Bella as a friend, in fact Bella was her only friend here in Willow Creek and sadly this made Rhiannon feel a little sad. It made her miss her friends back home, she missed Bear and Candy so much and with missing two of her closest friends, she once again began to miss home. Rhiannon would need to make time to write to her friends but for now, she was going to try and build a friendship with Bella. Pulling out her SimPhone, The girls proceded to have their picture taken.

“Say Plumbob!” Rhiannon said before they both said ‘Plumbob’ as the camera flashed.

Once Bella went home, Rhiannon decided to have a quick bath and a bite to eat before going to bed, which in turn had Rhiannon waking up at the crack of dawn. Deciding that collecting random items and a job wasn’t going to bring in much simeoleons, she decided to plant the few extra fruits she had leftover from her morning breakfast of fruit parfait, in hopes that the fruit would grow and bring in some profit.

Gardening turned out to be rather harsh on the skin and muscles so Rhiannon decided she was in need of a non-calorie treat and so, she got out a bottle of ‘Aerlinniel and Bub’s  bubblebath’ and proceeded to spend the next hour relaxing as the scent of Dumpling’s Rose lingered in the air.

Sadly once Rhiannon had climbed out of the bath it was time to go to work and unlike yesterday, work turned out to be rather stressful and Rhiannon traveled home in need of a pep talk. The moment Rhiannon arrived home, she changed into her nightdress and attempted to give herself a pep talk as well as a few meditated deep breaths to calm her nerves.

The following morning Rhiannon was awoken to the noise of the local post woman delivering her mail, it was time to pay the bills.

“And so it begins.” Rhiannon muttered as she signed looked at the bill.


8 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter three – Oh Bella!

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    I agree with Tanu! Rhiannon has a job and a new friend. Her future looks bright indeed :) Now a few walls to prevent future moments like the one “shared” with Bella would be good, real good.


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