Gen 0 – Chapter two – The joy of finding a job

Early the next morning, Rhiannon woke feeling refreshed and optimistic. As she sat upon her bed eating a bowl of yogurt, Rhiannon felt like she wanted to do something productive today, something that would help her not only gain her a job but also earn her some simoleons.

Once breakfast was finished, Rhiannon decided that she would spend her day down at the local museum. However, since it was still a little too early, Rhiannon decided to make some chips and salsa which she would eat the moment she got home from her day out.

Rhiannon was beginning to feel rather confident in preparing her very first meal, however that confidence would soon vanish as the vigorous stirring would soon resulted in a huge messy splash.

“Well that wasn’t suppose to happen! I suppose I should read a recipe next time.” Rhiannon mused as she finished off preparing the meal.

Although Rhiannon had intended to visit the museum purely for artistic inspiration, she could not help but have a little dabble on the luxurious ivory piano that was outside on the patio. After a few hours of trying to relearn how to play the piano, Rhiannon had successfully managed to play Tanubanue’s Lullaby, a beautiful piece that her grandmother had taught her as a child.

Starting to feel a little hungry, Rhiannon decided to quickly walk around the museum, though as she walked around the upper floor, she spotted an artistic masterpiece that connected with her in a way that not even Rhiannon could comprehend. Taking a seat in on the ottoman in front of the picture, Rhiannon took note of the style and within moments she had realised that this particular piece of art had been created by an known worldwide artist, an artist who had been known to Rhiannon since her childhood, which of course was due to her father’s hobby.

“Interesting piece?” Bella Goth asked as she sat down beside Rhiannon.
“Absolutely stunning. Addy Wilson’s masterpieces are pure perfection.” Rhiannon gushed as she briefly looked at the dark haired woman beside her.
“Not many can look at a piece of art and appreciate not only the art but also the artist.” Bella replied, she was secretly impressed.

As Bella conversed with Rhiannon, she was certain that the art world could do with her talent and knowledge. Knowing that her husband Mortimer was on friendly terms with the owner of a nearby art gallery, she gave him a call and needless to say, Rhiannon left the museum a few hours later with a job which would start the following day.

Once home, Rhiannon decided that a bowl of autumn salad was more appetizing than the chips and salsa that she had previously made that day. However a sudden itch in her ear had distracted Rhiannon and in the end, she went to bed with a empty stomach. Perhaps she wasn’t hungry after all or perhaps the nerves of her new job had subsided the hunger, either way Rhiannon woke up the next day famished.

Rhiannon was cutting it fine when she woken up, it was almost 8.30am and she would have to try to cope without food until lunch. Luckily for Rhiannon, she had fount out that the art scene was very stocked up on food and she was able to grab a free early lunch whilst following her new boss around the art gallery as she took notes. Time flies when you are nibbling on the tips of paintbrushes and soon enough work was finished and Rhiannon had returned home with a pocket full of simoleons. Rhiannon was feeling rather good about herself as she returned home but as she walked nearer to her outdoor home, she was soon going to be in for a little bit of a surprise.


4 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter two – The joy of finding a job

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    Oh! Hello, story… when did you sneak in? I smiled when I read Tanubanue’s Lullaby and the memory of child and grandmother it invokes. Then… then… I saw that Addy Wilson is known for being an artist. Awww **blushes** My Simself is an artist! What fun, thank YOU!!!! {BIG BIG hugs} I might have to jump in 4 and create Addy the artist… just in case a chance meeting or something might be needed ;)


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