Gen 1 – Chapter Thirty One – In the last couple of years.

Not much had happened in the Lachance over the last couple of years except that Poppy had given birth to another boy who the couple had named Reece and was now expecting her third child. During the first couple of months of her pregnancy, Poppy had spent most of her time painting. However, after she looked at her most recent creation she had a sudden feeling of  Déjà vu.

The last couple of weeks of Poppy’s pregnancy had seemed to drag on, luckily Aiden had recently gain another promotion which meant that the family would have a little more money but would also mean that Aiden would need to spend more time levelling up his logic skill.

As soon as Reece had grew up a little, Caleb had been happy to spend time with his younger brother and although the boys got along most of the time, Reece could sometimes be very annoying which would cause the brothers to argue.

“Caleb? Caleb? Caleb?” Reece yelled as he shook his brother as they sat on the sofa watching Deal or No Deal.
“What?” Caleb eventually asked as he turned to his brother.
“This is boring!” Reece moaned as he tried to grab the television remote.
“Take the deal Nina!” Celeb advised as he leaned forward on the sofa much to the displeasure of Reece. “No! I told you Nina, now you leave with nothing!”
“Mommy! Caleb won’t let me watch Brains vs. Hippy!” Reece called as he jumped off the sofa and tried to run to his mom but unfortunately Caleb was able stop his brother.

Soon enough Poppy’s waters had broken and baby number three was on the way.

“Aiden, wake up. I’ve having the baby.” Poppy groaned between the contractions.
“I’m awake, I’m awake.” Aiden yawned as he began climbing out of bed.

After a few weeks of trying to come up a name for their daughter, the couple had settled on the name Arielle. Arielle’s brothers was insanely smitten with her as was her parents but Reece had been the only one who could settle her whenever she cried after having her bottle.

“Incy wincy plumbob climbed on top of your head, down came the meteorite and turned it a deep shade of red.”  Reece sang as he watched his little sister slowly fall to sleep.
“Your singing it wrong!” Caleb replied as he watched his favourite game show.
“Hush, you will wake her up.” Reece replied as he brought his index finger to his lips.

Gen 1- Chapter Thirty – Caleb’s birthday.

Alas Poppy had not been pregnant when she had taken the pregnancy test all those many months ago, still the couple had continued to attempt to conceive. During the last couple of months Aiden had become an uncle to a beautiful little girl called Rina, this had made Aiden begin to crave a daughter of his own.

“You have a cousin to look after now, son. Hopefully soon you will have a little brother or sister to look after aswell.” Aiden whispered gently as he gently rocked his son.

It had been nearing on almost a year since Poppy and Aiden had begun trying for another baby when Poppy had began to give up on conceiving. Pulling herself out of bed she began to feel immensely sick as the pungent smell of coffee lingering in the air, rushing to the bathroom Poppy began to heaved over the sink as she fumbled in the cupboard for a pregnancy test.

“Please be positive.” Poppy repeated several times as she sat on the toilet looking at the pregnancy test. Eventually the pregnancy revealed that she was indeed pregnant to which Poppy couldn’t help but laugh out in relieve.

Poppy’s second pregnancy had passed smoothly without any of the problems that she had experienced during her first pregnancy. However, near the end of her Pregnancy it was time to celebrate Caleb’s birthday.

Since it was also pancake day, Aiden had chosen to cook up a few batches of pancakes instead of his wife’s homemade chocolate cake. However Caleb was rather enthusiastic about the birthday cake that his mother had made him, especially since he had been told that he was the only one who could blow out the candles and make a wish because after all, it is his birthday.

After Caleb had made his wish and had eaten a slice of birthday cake, he sat upon the sofa and looked at his parents. Almost immediately Caleb began telling his parents about a picture that he had drawn earlier to for his little cousin Rina.

“I made Rina a picture today.” Caleb began and when his parents looked at him in curiosity, he continued. “I drew a castle and a mermaid and there was a rainbow.”
“Can I have a look?” Poppy asked and smiled as Caleb nodded and ran to get the picture. Looking down at the picture she noticed that the rainbow had been coloured in the correct colour of the rainbow. “Oh the rainbow is in the correct order, well done Cal.”
“Well it’s got to be perfect!” Caleb explained as he waved his arms around.

Later that evening and just moments before Caleb had to go to bed, he asked if he could feel his mother’s stomach. As he slowly touched his mother’s pregnant stomach Caleb yelped in shock as he felt the baby kicking.

Gen 1 – Chapter Twenty Nine – The first matriarch death.

A few months after the birth of Caleb, the Lachance household was to experience the death of the very first matriarch of the Legacy. Sadly Rhiannon had passed away during the night and only in the early hours of the morning had Poppy discovered her mother’s lifeless body at the foot of the front door.

“Aiden!” Poppy scream, immediately gaining the attention of Aiden who rushed into the room and paled as he looked at his mother in law.
“I’m so sorry, Pops.” Aiden said as he keeled down besides his mother in-law and checked her pulse. Slowly he looked at his sobbing wife before standing back up.
“No, no, no!” Poppy cried out as she sobbed for her mother.

As the Grim Reaper checked that he was collecting the correct sim to be delivered to the underworld, Aiden tried to comfort his wife however between her sobbing and pushing him away the only thing that he was able to do was to inform the family. First Aiden phoned and spoke to Poppy’s brothers and after listening to them sobbing, he proceeded to call his own family.

“Mom, I’ve got some bad news. Rhiannon’s passed away.” Aiden choked as he tried to hole back the tears.

For days Poppy spent most of her hours crying over the lost of her mother, however the presence of her son helped distracted her for a few short periods of time.

Eventually Aiden to managed to pull Poppy in to a hug, much to her distress. Up until now she had avoided his touch in fear that she wouldn’t be able to let go, however Aiden had been persistent and eventually he had been able to pull her into a hug which allowed him comfort her the was a husband was supposed to, Poppy felt safe in his arms but at the same time she was very angry.

“Let me go, Aiden!” Poppy yelled as she tried to pull away from her husband.
“No!” Aiden replied firmly.
“Let me go!” Poppy persisted as she struggled against Aiden’s hold before sobbing her heart out.
“I’ve got you, Pops.” Aiden whispered as he stroked her hair until he heard her sobbing subside into light breathing.

Noticing that Poppy had fallen to sleep, Aiden picked up his wife and carried her to the bedroom where she slept whilst he attended to Caleb in the front room.

It had been a few months since the funeral of Rhiannon had taken place and during that time, Poppy had chosen to wear black clothing in mourning for her mother.

“I never know what to say when I visit.” Poppy admitted as she approached the graves of her parents.
“Rhiannon, Dean. Your grandson as finally learned to sit up right without any support.” Aiden began speaking, which made Poppy smile slightly at him. Sometimes he was a goofball but the way he could take something scary and turned it sweet was one of the things she adored about him.
“Caleb will be speaking soon and if he is anything like his daddy, he won’t be able to shut up.” Poppy humoured as she turned to face the graves, slowly her humour faded as she looked towards the graves.
“Poppy!” Aiden said concerning as his wife body became limp, luckily he was able to catch her before she had collapsed on the ground.
“I don’t know what happened, I suddenly became rather light-headed.”

A few days later, Aiden arrived at his parent in-laws graves to find his wife staring into nothingness.

“Pops?” Aiden asked as he stood besides his wife.
“How would you feel about us having another baby?” Poppy asked after a few moments as she tried to avoid eye contact.
“Are you?” Aiden asked carefully, he wasn’t opposed to having another child so soon however, Poppy had been the one to insist on waiting a few years.
“I don’t know, maybe. I mean I don’t just collapse for any reason.” Poppy replied as she finally looked at her husband, he showed not expression which led her to continue. “Either way, I would like us to have another baby.”

Gen 1 – Chapter Twenty Eight – Rhiannon’s first grandbaby!

The next couple of months had passed by rather quickly and although Poppy was still rather worried over her mother’s health, the upcoming childbirth was beginning to worry her. Unfortunately, Rhiannon had still not told the twins about her health and not wanting to ruin the upcoming baby shower later that week, she decided that it would be best to tell the boys sooner rather than later.

Whilst Rhiannon was talking to the twin’s, Aiden and Poppy remained in their bedroom as they discussed baby names.

“I love the name Bella, it means beautiful in italian.” Poppy mentioned as she looked down at Aiden who was feeling his unborn child kicking.
“What makes you so certain we are having a daughter?” Aiden asked curiously.
“I’m not certain but I do think we are having a daddy’s girl.” Poppy laughed as Aiden raised and eyebrow to her.
“Perhaps we should still talk about boys names.” Aiden replied, having the feeling that they was having a son.
“Caleb!” Poppy said without hestitation, she was ademant on the name Caleb for a son.
“Caleb? Aiden replied uncertain of the name, it was rather close to his own brothers name however, the glint in his wife’s eye told him that there was more behind the name.
“Yes, Caleb. I have loved the name since I was a child.. you of all people should know that.”
“Tell me this isn’t because of your mad obsession with the Sim Dectectives as a child..what was that one you had a crush on called?” Aiden asked and sighed as Poppy nodded.
“Caleb McNutt.” Poppy admitted as she blushed furiously.

Later that night, Poppy couldn’t sleep. Feeling restless both Aiden and Poppy stayed awake later than usual. Whilst Aiden watched the re-runs of the Laurel and Hardy show, Poppy tried to destress by painting a playful picture. Sadly the painting was ruined as the first of many contractions had Poppy lose control of the paintbrush, resulting in a big thick smudge against the picture of the lion that was meant for the nursery. Hearing Poppy yelp out in pain, Aiden suddently fount himself going into pre-natal panic.

Poppy’s labour had been in full effect for at least sixteen hours and she was finding herself getting increasingly frustrated as she screamed with each passing contraction, luckily her baby was to be born at any minute.

As soon as the baby had been born, Aiden and Poppy had fount themselves smitten with the birth of their newly born son. However, after hours of trying to persaude Poppy to consider another name for their son, he finally gave in to the name.

As the new parents was ordered to spend a little time on their own without having to worry about their son. Rhiannon had the plasure of spending the day with her first grandson, Caleb.

Gen 1 – Chapter Twenty Seven – We do! – At midnight.

Poppy lay awake that night thinking of her conversation with her mother, if she was honest with herself she had been noticing the signs with her mothers health but she didn’t want to see what was truly happening.

“Pops?” Aiden asked as he was rudely awakened by Poppy’s tossing and turning.
“Did I awake you?” Poppy asked as she turned her face to look at him.
“Yes but I was being chased by Meagan the moody cowplant.” Aiden shrugged as he smiled but as he began to wake up, he noticed that sometime was different with his furture bride his smile faded. “Pops? Are you alright?”
“No.” Poppy admited as she wiped the tears from her cheeks, tears that she hadn’t noticed had fallen uptil now.
“Are you in pain? Is it the baby?” Aiden asked and sighed in releif as she shook her head. “Then what is it?”
“It’s mom. She said..she said that she might not be alive much longer.” Poppy replied, her voice strained by the falling tears. “What if she doesn’t get to see us married or see our baby?”
“Well then, lets make sure your mom gets to see us exchange our vows.” Aiden said as he jumped out of the bed and went over to the wardrobe.
“What are you doing?” Poppy asked as she watched Aiden search through his side of the wardrobe before he pulled out a suite covered bag. Slowly she smiled as she realised what Aiden was proposing, quickly she climbed out of bed and went to wake her mother up.

Within an hour Poppy, Aiden and Rhiannon stood outside near the wedding arch.

“I didn’t expect it to be this cold.” Aiden shivered as he stood near the arch and looked at his soon to be wife.
“This was your idea.” Poppy teased before laughing at his facial expression.

Once Aiden and Poppy and finished teasing one another the small private wedding began, Poppy whispered to Aiden how much she loved him for dragging her out in the freezing cold so that her mother could witness their wedding.

Rhiannon couldn’t help but tear up at the sight of her daughter and son in law taking their vows, it reminded her of her own wedding with Dean. It made her a little sad that Dean wasn’t alive to see his daughter take her vows but she knew that her husband would of been proud of their daughter.

“Poppy Lachance as stand in front of the holy plumbob, I commit my life to making you happy.” Aiden spoke clearly as he held Poppy’s had gently.
“Aiden Payne as I stand in fron of the holy plumbob, I commit my life to making you happy.” Poppy softly recited as she kept eye contact with him.

Once the short vows had been read, Aiden kissed Poppy’s hands as they asked each other if they took each other as theirs.

“Will you also take me as you husband?” Aiden asked as he kissed her hand once more.
“I will.” Poppy replied without hestitation. “Will you also take me as your wife?”
“I will.” Aiden replied after a few playful moments.

Once the ‘I will’ part of the ceremony was complete, Aiden pulled out Poppy’s wedding ring and placed it upon Poppy’s hand. Smiling brightly at her ruby ring, Poppy asked Rhiannon for Aiden’s ring before placing it upon his finger.

Rhiannon couldn’t help herself by yelling. “Kiss her already.” Which caused the newly weds to laugh in a mixture of embarassment and happiness, slowly but with their hearts beating extremely fast, the newlyweds took their first kiss as husband and wife.

Gen 1 – Chapter Twenty Six – Rhiannon’s news.

Over the next couple of months, Poppy’s body had slowly adjusted to the pregnancy and with the help of her mom she has started to look for the perfect wedding dress

“I don’t want anything too fancy.” Poppy stated as they flicked through the photos that was cataloged on the Bridal Diva app.
“I also see that you don’t won’t a traditional white dress.” Rhiannon commented after seeing the sixth dress in a row that wasn’t very traditional.
“I do but since I’m pregnant and already showing, I would look rather silly.” Poppy answered as a slight blush coloured her cheeks.
“You would look beautiful.” Rhiannon commented which prompted her daughter to shrug. “Oh this is pretty.”
“I do like that, oh but look at the price.” Poppy sighed as she began to feel very emotional over not finding the perfect dress.

Watching her daughter put the phone away as she tried to hide her dissapointment, Rhiannon wondered how she could help her daughter. Suddenly she thought of the masterpiece that she had recently created and although it would only cover half of the price of the dress, she was willing to sell it to make her daughter happy. Hugging her daughter she reassured her that she would have her perfect dress and not to worry in the meantime.

The plan was simply, both woman would paint to earn enough money to pay for the rest of the wedding dress.

By the time Rhiannon and Poppy had earnt enough money for the wedding dress, Poppy was nearing six months pregnant.

“I’m absolutely huge!” Poppy groaned as she felt her baby kicking.
“You are positively glowing, Poppy.” Rhiannon reassured as she placed her hand upon her daughter’s pregnancy bump.
“You feel that?” Poppy asked as she tried not to laugh with her childs temper.
“A little fiesty today, arn’t you grandbaby.” Rhiannon asked as the baby continued to kick.
“No, bub knows that daddy is near.” Poppy admitted as she spotted Aiden walking towards the house. “I’m guessing i’m having a daddy’s girl after all.”

The next couple of days had been rather uneventful for the soon to be parents however Rhiannon had been feeling slightly unwell and decided it was time to talk to her daughter.

“There will come a day when I will pass away and you will need to look after the house and make sure that your brothers are ok.” Rhiannon began but stopped speaking as Poppy gasped in shock.
“Don’t say things like that mom, you are still young and you havent even met your grandchild yet.” Poppy spoke slowly and softly as she tried not to cry at the thought of her mother dying, she still hadn’t come to terms with her father’s death.
“It will happen, Poppy. Maybe not straight away but it will happen and it will happen soon.” Rhiannon replied after her daughter looked up at her.
“Are you sick?” Poppy asked as she began to fear the worse.
“A little.” Rhiannon replied softly not having the heart to tell her daughter about her aching bones.

Rhiannon wasn’t sure how to comfort her daughter as she cried, especially since her attempts to hug her had been rejected.

Gen 1 – Chapter Twenty Five – Adjusting to 1st trimester.

It had been a week since Rhiannon had fount about the secret relationship between Poppy and Aiden, and although she gave the couple her blessing she couldn’t help but feel hurt that her daughter felt she needed to keep the relationship a secret. The following morning, Rhiannon had caught Poppy throwing up and instantly she knew that her daughter had been keeping more than just the relationship a secret from her.

“I’m sorry you had to find out like that, Mom.” Poppy said as she walked out of the bathroom and sat between Aiden and her mother.
“I don’t understand you Poppy, why do you feel like you need to hide things from me?” Rhiannon asked as she look at her solemn daughter. “How long gone are you?”
“I don’t know, a couple of weeks.” Poppy replied softly as she tried to calculate in her mind.
“I booked us to see a nurse for this afternoon, to make sure both mother and baby are doing well.” Aiden admitted after a few moments of silence, seeing Poppy look at him in fear he placed his arm around her for comfort.

Once Rhiannon went off to work, Poppy and Aiden remained on the sofa and spoke about the upcoming doctors appointment as well as their mother’s reactions to the pregnancy.

“I think we got lucky with having such understanding parents.” Poppy humoured as she snuggled up against Aiden.
“Well I did try to tell you many times but you wouldn’t believe me.” Aiden teased and became playful as Poppy rolled her eyes at him.
“Aiden!” Poppy yelped as she tried to stop Aiden from tickling her, however him being persistent, she knew that the tickling wouldn’t stop until she admitted that he was right. “Ok, ok! You was right!” Poppy admitted in between spurts of laughter.

Later on in the week, Aiden had managed to get Poppy to agree to go on a afternoon date with him. Where they would sit under the willow tree eating an array of picnic food. Once they had eaten, Aiden let Poppy to the nearby lake where he would declare his love for her once more, asking if she would marry him before their child was born, to which Poppy agreed.

The weeks leading up to the wedding had lead to Poppy’s morning sickness becoming much stronger, however complains of stomach cramps and headache’s had left Aiden worried.

Gently kissing Poppy on the cheek, he could feel that she wasn’t as well as she was claiming.

“Pops, you need to rest. You are not well.” Aiden said seriously as he watched his fiancée carefully.
“I’m fine, Aiden.” Poppy protested as she leaned up against the counter.
“Poppy.” Aiden warned, his tone getting annoyed to which Poppy sighed and walked out of the kitchen without a word. “Where are you going?”
“I am doing as you have asked.” Poppy answered as she popped her head back into the kitchen, slightly smirking as she noticed that Aiden was looking at her in shock.

Aiden had been surprised that his soon to be wife had started to take him more seriously, it showed that she was becoming less insecure with him and their relationship.

Once Poppy had gone to get some rest in the bed room, Aiden went to get Poppy some ginger biscuits since they was known to help with morning sickness. However, as he arrived home his heart stopped momentarily as he noticed that Poppy had collapse on the kitchen floor.  Rushing over to her, he sighed in relief as she was slowly began to wake up. As he lifted her into his arms, he looked down to see her glossy eyes looking at him.

“I’m sorry, I needed a drink.” Poppy said as she tightened her grip around Aiden’s neck.
“I’m not mad, Pops.” Aiden sighed as he carried her to the bedroom and placed her upon the bed.
“Will you stay?” Poppy asked and buried her head into the pillow as he shook his head.
“I need to call the doctor, Pops but I will come back. Try to get some sleep.” Aiden replied before placing a gently kiss upon her hand.

On the doctors orders, Poppy spent the next couple of days bed ridden but for most of the time, Aiden had kept her company.

– I wrote this whilst suffering from a severe headache so I apologise it its not up to my usual standard and besides, I’m now writing for Aiden so yeah..sorry if he sounds ooc!