Gen 0 – Chapter Eight – So what will it be?

The following evening, Rhiannon recieved a phonecall off Dean asking if she would meet him at the Blue Velvet. Rhiannon could feel her stomache doing cartwheels, she felt guilty and decided that she needed to tell Dean. Replaying the conversation they had over the phone, Rhiannon began to wonder if Dean already knew and thats why his voice seemed strained over the phone. Biding herself some time, Rhiannon took a few deep breathes before entering the bar.

“You look beautiful.” Dean said as he stood up from the table to greet Rhiannon.
“Thankyou.” Rhiannon said softly as she sat down and looked at Dean.

Rhiannon tried to keep her voice steady as they made small talk whilst they waited for their drinks to be delivered. Noticing Rhiannon’s nervousness, Dean took her hand in his and smiled as their eyes met.

“You seem nervous my love, is everything alright?” Dean asked, his smile dissapearing as she shook her head.
“There is something that you should know.” Rhiannon said softly as she tried to hold back her tears.
“You can tell me anything, nothing will change the way I feel about you.” Dean reassured gaining him a small smile in return.
“When you left the gym yesterday, I met a guy called Don Lothario. We chatted for a while and it soon progressed to flirting.” Rhiannon began but soon stopped as Dean interuppted her.
“I think I’ve heard enough.” Dean chocked before turning to leave however as he tried to do so, he felt Rhiannon’s hand on his arm.
“Nothing else happened I swear!” Rhiannon sobbed as Dean looked back at her, he looked crushed.
“Do you want to be with him?” Dean asked as he pushed a strand of Rhiannon’s hair behind her ear.

Rhiannon didn’t need even a moment to think of her answer because before she knew it, she had already answered Dean’s question and surprisingly the answer didn’t come as much as a surprise.

“I want to be with you.” Rhiannon blurted, her eyes reassuring Dean that she was being honest.
“Then marry me!” Dean replied as he grabbed Rhiannon by the waist and pulled her closer to him.
“You want me to marry you?” Rhiannon asked, she needed to him Dean comfirm what she had just heard because after what was going through her mind a few moments ago, she needed to be reassured. “Even after what I just told you?”
“Yes.” Dean replied, a slight chuckle escaping his lips.
“Then ask me properly.” Rhiannon teased and smiled brightly as Dean sighed before getting down on one knee.
“Rhiannon Caitlynn Lachance, will you make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife?” Dean asked as he pulled out the ring.

Rhiannon looked at the ring that Dean had presentened her with, a white gold ring with a princess cut Ruby in the center. Rhiannon was touched that he had remembered that her birthstone was a Ruby, after a few moments Rhiannon’s trail of thought was broken by Dean who was waving his hand in front of her face.

“So what will it be?” Dean asked as he started to become worried that she may decline.

Taking a deep breath Rhiannon chose to answer physchially rather than verbally. “Actions speak louder than words.” Rhiannon thought as she smiled into the kiss.

The happy couple spent the next couple of hours dancing and discussing wedding plans. They both knew that it would be a hectic couple of months but Rhiannon was certain that this was the man that she wanted to marry and therefore, she was ready for the hectic months ahead.

Later that night, Rhiannon pulled out her simphone and looked at Dean who was watching her curiously.

“We should start telling friends and family.” Rhiannon said, her voice fillied with excitement. However, the sudden realisation that she wouldn’t be able to share the new with her parents, made her sad.

Noticing his future wife’s sudden change in mood, Dean reassured her that his family will love her as their own and perhaps they would even have a little family of their own soon. Rhiannon wasn’t quite ready for a child but she was looking forward to being accepted into the family by Dean’s family.

“We should call and tell them the great news!” Rhiannon replied a few moments later.

Rhiannon wished she could stay at the blue velvet and snuggle in Dean’s arms all night long but alas, she needed to be up early for work the following morning, so she allowed herself one last dance before going home.


4 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter Eight – So what will it be?

  1. lovesstorms says:

    Because Rhiannon is a confused young woman. I wasn’t sure who she would choose, honestly. She seems a bit flaky. :( Anyway, currently there seems to be a clear winner! HoOrAy for Dean!! <3


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