Gen 0 – Chapter Nine – Blowing off some steam.

Dean and Rhiannon had spent the following month planning their wedding, which turned out to be a bad idea when neither couple had much money for anything basic, let alone the fairytale wedding that Dean wanted Rhiannon to have. Suffice to say this left both Dean and Rhiannon feeling extremely stressed and with the stress came the arguments. Finally having enough of the arguments, Rhiannon to finally stormed out and went to blow off some steam down at the gym. As luck would have it, Rhiannon bumped into Don Lothario and his friend J Huntington the 3rd. Rhiannon felt conflicted as her emotions was up in the air.

After a few minutes of talking to Don and J, Rhiannon felt herself being dragged over to the treadmill by Jamison.

“Right, you are going to run and talk about it!” Jamison order as he pushed her onto the treadmill before turning it on.
“Well as you know Dean proposed last month, I was happy and then the wedding plans happened which was followed by the arguments.” Rhiannon vented as she huffed, her legs trying to keep up with the speed of the treadmill.
“And?” Jamison replied as she folded his arms.
“That’s it!” Rhiannon huffed but continued as she noticed that Jamison wasn’t being very sympathetic. “Isn’t that enough?”
“No, in fact I think you are being rather childish and pathetic.” Jamison offered as he highered the speed, earning him a glare for his efforts.

“I’m not pathetic!” Rhiannon retorted as she stopped running on the treadmill, which turned out to be a rather silly thing to do.
“Rhiannon, are you alright?” Jamison asked as he looked at his friend, who was trying to get up.
“Of course not, I’m stressed out and I don’t know how to fix my relationship.” Rhiannon snapped as she held on to the machine for support.
“I mean physchially.” Jamison replied, laughing she glared at him.
“I’m seeing starts and bubbles still.” Rhiannon responded whilst shrugging, after a few moments she climbed back onto the treadmill.

“Are you sure you are ok to continue?” Jamison asked, becoming amused as Rhiannon began to rant.
“Listen here Jamison, I do what I want and I say what I want! and right now, I want to do this.” Rhainnon ranted, slightly blushing from her mini rant.
“How she sounds like Katie when she rants like this.” Jamison pondered, as he thought back to his childhood chrush Katie, who was currently living in sunny Isla paradise as an international fashion designer.

Rhiannon remained at the gym long after Jamison had left, she still needed time away from Dean. Rhiannon was becoming increasingly worried, she thought that if she went home in her current state of mind there would be no wedding.

“Stupid Don Lothario! Stupid Jamison! Stupid Wedding and most importantely, stupid Rhiannon!” Rhiannon yelled as she punched the punching bag.

Feeling shattered Rhiannon feel upon the punching bag and as she lay upon the floor, looking upon the ceiling Rhiannon began to feel sick.

“I really am pathetic.” Rhiannon whispered to herself allowing her eyes to close.

Rhiannon awoke to the sound of voices approaching the gym, quicky getting to her feet she began to pretend to work out for a couple of minutes before going to take a shower and heading home.

Once home, Rhiannon noticed that Dean was standing besides a tall bridal arch.

“Dean, care to explain this?” Rhiannon asked as she secretly admired the arche.
“I don’t want us to fight anymore, I know that we cannot afford the wedding you desire but.” Dean began but was abruptly interupped by Rhiannon.
“I desire? Dean, I don’t want the lavish fairytale wedding, I never wanted it. It’s what you wanted for me!” Rhiannon blurted as before sighing in frustration.
“Then what’s stopping us getting married right now, here?” Dean asked as he neared closer to Rhiannon, whispering the question in her ear.
“There wouldn’t be anything stopping us, Dean.” Rhiannon responded after a few moments of silence.
“Then will you marry me? Right here, right now?” Dean asked as he pulled out the wedding box that contained the white gold wedding band.
“No.” Rhiannon whispered before looking away slightly.


6 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter Nine – Blowing off some steam.

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    No…?! Ruh roh. Methinks there is trouble brewing. BIG trouble brewing.From the tone and look of things I have no idea if they’ll manage to recover/marry and it looks like Rhiannon isn’t sure either. Will she take this Sim? Won’t she? Hopefully she’ll sort things out by following her heart and not her hormones.


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