Gen 0 – Chapter Seven – Butterflies are fluttering.

The following week was rather hectic for Rhiannon, the work load was mounting up and so once the weekend arrived she thought that a slow paced jog around the neighbourhood would de-stress her. Upon returning home, Rhiannon was greeted by two guests and suddenly the stress began to return along with a stomach full of butterflies.

“Dean, Jamison! Hi, what brings you both here at the same time?” Rhiannon asked, as she tried to wipe the nervous drop of sweat from her forehead.
“To ask you on a date!” Dean and Jamison replied in perfect sync before looking at each other in shock.

Rhiannon could feel the tension rising as both men glared at each other. Sensing that her flirty ways might suddenly bite her in the tush, Rhiannon tried to lighten the mood. Luckily Rhiannon turned out to be quite the charmer and she was able to spend the evening chatting with Dean and Jamison, her eyes every so often sneakily resting on one as her heart fluttered.

“Hip bumping?” Jamison asked as he listened to Rhiannon and Dean have an inside joke on the subject.
“Yeah, you jump and bump hips.” Dean explained as tried to subside his laughter.
“We’ll show you!” Rhiannon said as she climbed off the bed.

Jamison watched as they hip bumped and couldn’t help but smile as his heart fluttered at Rhiannon looking at him.

Once Jamison and Dean left, Rhiannon decided that she would have try out the violin that she had fished up the other week. Alas, Rhiannon didn’t feel very confident in playing the violin, especially since she was only wearing her nightdress.

The weekend flew by and Rhiannon once again returned home from work to find a visitor waiting for her, luckily he was alone this time.
“I know what you said the other day and I’m just asking for a few minutes.” Dean said as he aprroached Rhiannon, taking the soft sigh as a sign to say his piece, Dean continued. “I like you and I think you like me, unless I’m reading the signs wrong.”
“No, no your not.” Rhiannon said slowly, she felt nervous and scared but at the same time she felt excited. This multi-emotions was confusing.
“So what are you saying?” Dean asked as he walked a little closer to Rhiannon, their hands touching ever so slightly.
“I think I like you too.” Rhiannon said, her icy grey eyes sparkled.

Weeks passed since Rhiannon and Dean had expressed their feelings for one another. They had began dating and the relationship seemed to be going well, Rhiannon was doing good at work and Dean had recently returned home from visiting his friend Joel who was currently living in Aurora skies with his girlfriend.

“Oh, she is pretty!” Rhiannon said as she looked through the photos that Dean was showing her. “Is this Joel’s girlfriend?”
“Yes, Joel’s very sweet on her.” Dean replied as he continued to flick though the pictures.
“I think they make a lovely couple.” Rhiannon commented as she looked at the photo of the couple hugging.
“So do I.” Dean agreed.

Once Dean had finished showing Rhiannon all the photo’s from his vacation, they both suddenly felt inspired to take a photo of themselves. A few minutes later, Dean’s phone bleeped.

“Tell me you didn’t!” Rhiannon said as she read what the message. “I look all yucky and I have soot on my nose.”
“That is strange, how did you get soot on your nose?” Dean asked as he placed his simphone in his pocket before trying to wipe the soot of her nose with his thumb.
“The eqipment here is rather filthy, I guess.” Rhiannon replied and then sighed. “That’s diry, I’m dirty and now your friend will forever know me as sooty!”
“You might have soot on your nose but you are beautiful and will always be beautiful to me.” Dean said as he pulled her into a hug, he knew what he said might have come across as cheesy but he loved her. In fact, whilst he was away he had been browing the jewellery stores.

Rhiannon shrugged as she stepped into the gym’s shower, she had wondered what was going on with Dean as he had hastily made an excuse as to why he was leaving the gym so suddenly. Upon attempting leaving the gym herself to get a bite to eat before she would spend the rest of the day tending to the garden, she spotting the man that she had seen so many months ago. The man who could have been her soul mate, Rhiannon stood frozen in her thoughts as she watched him. She attempted to ignore the fluttering sensation in the pit of her stomach but it was futile because as he approached her, the flutting only increased.

“Are you staying or going, beautiful?” Don Lothario asked as he approached the gym doors.
“I, er. I’m going.” Rhiannon replied, her voice was filled with hestitation.
“That is a shame.” Don Lothario replied as he drew closer to Rhiannon, as he watched her move away from the door allowing him acess into the gym.
“Is it?” Rhiannon asked in disbelief, her eyes watched him carefully.
“Come, I see you don’t actually want to leave.” Don whispered closely to her before grabbing her hand and leading her further into the gym.


4 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter Seven – Butterflies are fluttering.

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    Rhiannon has made her choice… Dean. Or has she? Rhiannon! What are you doing? Don might be fine to look at – ignore his poor taste in clothing – but he is trouble with a capital T. You know it. Start saying your mantra “I’m with Dean now”


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