Gen 0 – Chapter Ten – I love you, I do, I do, I do!

Dean was utterly chrushed, he knew that they had been having difficulties recently but he was certain that Rhiannon would agree to marry him. However as he watched her come back into eye view, a few moments later, his heart fluttered. Rhiannon approached him dresssed in a simple but elegant white dress and the butterflies began to flutter in his stomache, Rhiannon smiled shyly and in that precise moment he was certain that he had made the right choice in asking her to marry him.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t get married to the love of my life in anything but the dress my mother wore to her own wedding.” Rhiannon spoke softly a she grabbed his hands and kissed them.

Rhiannon tried to contain the nerves that was bubbling up within her body, she no longer felt scare nor did she have any doubts within her mind.

“You are dressed like an angel and here I am dressed in casual wear.” Dean commented as he felt Rhiannon’s rose pink lips lightly touch his cheek.
“You could be dressed in a trash bag for all I care! I’m not marrying your clothes, I am marrying you.” Rhiannon whispered in his ear.

Rhiannon felt her knees buckle as Dean read his vows, his hand carressing her lawline. Rhiannon tried not to show that she was rather tickleish but somehow, Dean seemed to already know that she was.

Once Dean had spoke his vows it was Rhiannon’s turn, swallowing deeply she began to speak.

“Life isn’t always fair and sometimes we are dealt all the wrong cards. I thought that was my life, that I would spend my life being dealt bad cards but Dean, you have sparked something deep within me. You have managed to make my life better, you have made me better.” Rhiannon said slowly but always keeping eye contact with her love.

Once the vows had been spoken, it was time to exchange the vows.

“I offer this ring as a token of my love for you, as a promise to support you in everything that you do until the day the grim reaper shows up and leaves your urn at my feet. I give you this ring under the eyes of the holy plumbob and ask you to be my mine.” Rhiannon cooed as she hoped that she had managed to memorise the ring giving vows correctly.

Confetti sprinkled from the bridal arch prompting the newly wed couple to kiss one another.

Over the next couple of weeks the happy couple began to build their lives together, finally after a week of consturction the couple finally had a roof over their heads.


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