Gen 0 – Chapter Eleven – Payne full advice.

Married life seemed to going great for the newlywed couple, they was still in the honeymoon phase and although both Rhiannon’s and Dean’s plans for the near future was a little different, they was learning to compromise. Still, Dean was beginning to feel that time was going to fast for him and he wanted to become a father before he became an elder. Rhiannon however, still felt they she was still adjusting to becoming a wife and that she wasn’t ready to adjust to motherhood just yet. As she bathed, Rhiannon began to drifted into a deep sleep,  missing the six month anniserary date that Dean had booked at the blue velvet.

The following morning Rhiannon woke up feeling sickly, nothing she ate would stay down and so, as Rhiannon sat on the toilet she slowly sipped a glass of orange juice.

“Dean, wake up! I think I’m dying!” Rhiannon groaned between taking sips of her orange juice.
“There is some Kaolin, in the medicine cabinet.” Dean grumped as he turned over in the bed.
“I don’t need Kaolin! I don’t have that issue. I can’t stop weeing and I feel sick. I have been sick atleast twice in the last hour.” Rhiannon snapped, causing Dean to lean up in the bed suddently worried.

Dean quickly climbed out of the bed, his hair felt as if it was going grey with the worry. A sudden sadness lingered in the air but he just couldn’t figure out why, unless it was due to worrying over his wife and then it made sense. Heating up some soup for Rhiannon, he made himself a quick sandwich whilst trying to reassure his sick wife.

“Come, you need to have some food.” Dean said as he helped his wife to the bed.
“I can walk perfectly fine, Dean.” Rhiannon snapped as she tried to push away from him, realising her sharp tone she apologised.
“Just a few spoons, Rhiannon.” Dean asked as he handed her the bowl and tried to ignore the protests.
“I’ll try.” Rhiannon sighed and attempted to try the soup. Biding her time between mouthfuls, after a couple of spoons of soup, Rhiannon noticed that Dean’s hair was greying. “Dean, why is your hair going grey?”
“What?” Dean asked before checking his hair in the mirror, he was crushed. He had been beginning to feel old and now he was, he looked back at his young pretty wife and felt depressed. “Maybe I wasn’t as young as I let you to believe.”
“You lied to me about your age?” Rhiannon asked as she tried to avoid staring at her husbands grey hair as he sat down besides her.
“Ok yeah, I did but lets be honest. You would not have married me if you knew that I was much older than I said I was” Dean yelled, making Rhiannon flinch and with it causing the sickness to resurface.
“That’s not true.” Rhiannon replied as she tried not to gag, sadly it was futile attempt.

Once Rhiannon had stopped throwing up, Dean ordered her to get some bed rest. As soon as Rhiannon climbed into bed and tried to get some sleep, Dean cleaned the toilet before rushing off to work.

Upon waking up, Rhiannon noticed that she was in need of comfort and out of all the friends that she new. There was only one friend that understood what it was like to be with an older man whilst young, climbing out the bed she grabbed the phone and proceeded to call the only friend who would understand.

“Hello?” Rhiannon heard Raven say as she answered the phone.
“Raven?” Rhiannon asked, her voice nervous as she had not spoken to Raven in years.
“Rhiannon is that really you?” Raven asked, her voice expressing her emotions.
“I’m sorry we haven’t spoken in a while. I heard you got married and had a baby.” Rhiannon replied, she was becoming to feel more comfortable on the phone with Raven. It was becoming to feel like old times, before they left high school and became distant.
“We all heard the news about your father then you were nowhere to be fount…I was so worried and yes, I did.” Raven replied.
“I couldn’t stay in Oasis Springs after father died. It wasn’t my intention to make you worry. So why don’t you tell me about your family.” Rhainnon answered before trying to lighten the conversation.
“Oh don’t worry about it, You’ve called and I know your fine. My Family? I got one husband under and remarried to find he’s got his foot at death’s door, just about.” Raven responded,fortunately she didn’t noticed that Rhiannon was amused by her friends response.
“Oh I’m sorry, I didn;t realise that your first husband had died and that yout current husband’s urn will soon be at your feet. It seem we have both married elders.” Rhiannon commented after a few moments of silence.
“Well they’re what the heart wants, aren’t they? I mean, I don’t think I could have gone on without Archer if it wasn’t for Angel, even if we started a little before Archer passed on.” Raven said, Rhiannon had always admired Raven’s way of thinking.
“That’s how I feel about Dean but he doesn’t seem to think that I would of married him if he had of told me the truth. Still, it’s nice that we are able to find love after losing our husbands or in your case before.” Rhiannon replied, however the sudden urge to sick interuppted her. “Excuse me, I’ve been feeling sickly all day.”
“Oh Dean sounds so silly! And have you had any other symptoms?” Raven asked, she had a suspecion to what could be up with her friends sudden bout of sickness but she wanted to be sure before saying anything.
“I can’t keep any food down, I spent half the night on the toilet. It fells like something is pressing on my bladder. Oh and Dean made coffee this morning and I just had to get out of the house, It turned my stomach. I think it could be food poisioning.” Rhiannon replied as she tried to ignore the urge to gag once more.
Rhiannon your pregnant! Raven laughed joyfully before singing “Congratulations.. congratulations!”
“What no! I cant be pregnant. I don’t know how to look after a child.” Rhiannon groaned, her heart racing erratically.

As soon as Rhiannon ended the call with Raven, she began to panic. Her heart raced and she wasn’t sure if she could do what Raven had advised her to do but eventually she did what needed to be done. Taking many deep breath she looked down at the little white stick in her hand.


A special thanks to cmbaker16 who is the owner of Raven Payne. I had so much fun writing the phone call scene with you. Raven Payne along with her owner is currently doing a legacy at the moment, so go check that out here –


7 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter Eleven – Payne full advice.

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    Umm… congrats?! While Rhiannon doesn’t appear to be over the moon with the news, it sure was nice for her to be able to catch up with Raven (your idea for including each SimFriend is a nice touch!). She might find it a comfort to know that she can keep wearing her cute little black dress and not suddenly find herself in less-than-desirable maternity outfits. Plus, with help from her trainer friend, Jamison, she’ll soon be back to pre-pregnancy shape before too long.


  2. lovesstorms says:

    Yay! Now, the legacy can continue! <3 Otherwise, what's the point? ;) Hopefully, Dean will live long enough for their child to grow up!

    And including CM's Raven in your story is super awesome!


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