Gen 0 – Chapter Thirteen – Baby Love

The following month, Rhiannon was abupted awaked by what had been described to her as contraction pains.

“I can’t do this, I’m not ready! I’m not ready! Why did Dean have to go to work early today?” Rhiannon huffed as she tried to get through the first of what would be, many contractions.

As the hours went by, Rhiannon began to feel rather exhasted by all the pain and fear that she was experiencing. Rhiannon knew that it was time to phone Dean but he had been unabled to take the call and so she going to give birth alone and that terried her. After Rhiannon took a quick bath and placed clean bedding upon the bed, she climbed upon the bed and tried to prepare herself for the next bout of contractions.

Rhiannon awoke a few hours later to the sound of the door knocking, it was a delievry man bringing the moses basket that she had ordered for her baby.

“You have perfect timing, my baby is on the way.” Rhiannon said as the delivery man carried the moses basket into the room.

As she looked down at the crib she pulled out the replacement covers for the moses basket out of the box and placed them in the cupboard.

“I will change the covers when find out if you are a mister or a misses.”  Rhiannon coo’ed before screaming at the pain. “Dean!!!! I can’t do this alone.”

Grabbing her simphone, Rhiannon began to call Raven for help but as her friend answered the phone she screamed once more. Only this time the baby entered the world, quickly cleaning her crying baby. She grabbed the babygrow and dressed her new born baby, lifting her child to her chest. It was at this point that Rhiannon began to cry as she was flooded with various emotions.

“I did it, I’m a mommy.” Rhiannon whispered, she was amazing that she had been able to give birth and do so alone.

Meanwhile, Raven was on the other end of the phone smiling before she ended the call to give her friend some privacy.

After a few hours of watching the new born baby, she began to think of names. Lifting the baby up from the moses basket, she began to say a few names until one felt right.

That night as both mother and father slept, the newborn baby lay in their moses basket.


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