Gen 0 – Chapter Twelve – A classy pregancy!

It took almost a few weeks for Rhiannon to finally come to the terms that she was with child, naturally Dean was estatic with the news and together they had resolved the issue with Dean’s little lie. Slipping out of bed, Rhiannon went to spend some time with the cowplants as they always managed to make her feel playfull and calm and with her new hormones up in the air, it was exactly what she needed.

The following month passed by swiftly and Rhiannon had began to get over the constant morning sickness and tireness. However as her pregnancy progressed, Rhiannon was beginning to form natual bond with her unborn baby.

“Perhaps we should start thinking of names for the baby.” Rhiannon said as she handed Dean a copy of the baby name books that Raven had posted to her.
“Well do you have any names you like?” Dean asked half an hour after looking through the girl names.
“A few!” Rhiannon confirmed as she looked at her husband. “What about you?”
“I have about three so far.” Dean replied and smiled when Rhiannon raised an eyebrow before asking to hear the names. “Charlene, Fiona and Kensa.”
“Ooh, they are very pretty.” Rhiannon beamed as she closed her book and placed it aside.
“What about you?” Dean asked curiously.
“Well I also have three. Khyber, Portia and Poppy.”

Unfortantly Dean had to got to work before they could discuss baby boy names and so Rhiannon spent the afternoon looking up the baby name meanings and chatting with friends on the Sims forever forum.

Later that evening Rhiannon called Raven to get some pregnancy idea and to ask a few unusal questions, or at least Rhiannon thought that they was unusal. As it turns out Rhiannon’s urge to clean the entire house was down to nesting, a way for a mother to prepares for the birth of her child. So as she scrubbed the bath later at night, she couldn’t help but feel absolutely ridiculous.

Rhiannon couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Raven for the first time in years, hugging as they greeted it felt as if no time had passed.

“Oh my god Rhiannon, look at you.” Raven said as they finished hugging.
“I know, I’m huge! You look amazing though.” Rhiannon replied as placed her hands on her stomach.
“You know, I do and with five kids, it’s an amazing feat.” Raven said proudly, laughing as Rhiannon looked at her in shock.
“Five? I thought you only had two! Wow!” Rhiannon finally replied, she couldn’t imagine having two let alone five.
“Two? I wish! It was three until I discovered I having twins.” Raven humoured as she pulled out the photo’s of her children and showed them to Rhiannon. “Has the doctor told you what your having or you letting it be a surprise?”
“Awww your kids are so adorable. As for this one, decided to let their gender be a surpise. So tell me about yout children.” Rhiannon replied, with a mischievious smile.

Rhiannon and Raven spent the rest of the afternoon reminesing of their childood and Raven’s life as a mother.

“Oh this is my first born Callum and his girlfriend Katrina..and this..this is Taylor, my second born and only daughter. She’s an art prodigy and has such an artistic sense, she can even play the piano..aww…this is Seth, my third born. He’s a computer whiz which i’m thankful for cause I cannot fix it. If something goes wrong, he is the kid for it…and these are the twins Aaron and Aiden, they’re the exact opposite of each other..that it’s amazing watching them interact with each other.” Raven gushed, failing to take a breath in her excitment of telling Rhiannon about her children.
“What a beautiful family you have, do you have any plans to have anymore children.” Rhiannon asked and tried to hide her amusment as began to rant.
“Are you serious? I have five kids, the youngest being twins…you really think I’m going to have more? If you had five kids, would you want to have more?” Raven ranted, a small sigh escaping her lips.
“Probably not, then again I wasn’t the one who spoke of having load of children whilst we was still at school.” Rhiannon retorted, gaining a glare from her friend.
“Of course you weren’t, since I’m the one that had loads of kids.” Raven laughed, an contagious laugh that had Rhiannon laughing along with her.

Soon it was time for Raven to leave to get back to her children but not before she convinced Rhiannon that babysitting her twin boys in the near future, would be a good learning experience. Feeling Rhiannon’s baby bump, Raven hugged her friend and promised to visit in the near future.

Another special thanks to Raven Payne and her owner cmbaker16, for agreeing to do another cameo in the legacy. You can catch their legacy here –


4 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter Twelve – A classy pregancy!

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    Neat idea of having Raven pop over to your legacy! It makes the world a little more vibrant by having stuff like this happen :)

    I have to admit the two of you have me briefly considering trying out a legacy in 4 but that will need to be added to my to-do list as I am still quite busy in 3 these days.


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