Gen 0 – Chapter fifteen – Bundle of cuteness!

Poppy had recently become a toddler and Rhiannon was nearing the end of her pregnancy, pulling out the old Moses basket that Poppy used. Rhiannon prepared herself for the long nights, the loud crying and the grumpy husband stomping around the house in the early hours of the morning.

In the early hours of the morning Rhiannon was awakened to her waters breaking, luckily these time Dean would be home but since her waters had just broken she didn’t want to wake him up.

Luckily for Rhiannon the labour lasted considerably than when she was giving birth to poppy and less than six hours later, Rhiannon had given birth to two boys which she called Logan and Lewis.

The next couple of years turned out to be rather uneventful for the Lachance family, Poppy was now getting ready go to school.

Rhiannon and Dean had done a brilliant job of getting Poppy’s sleeping patterns down and she no longer tried to climb in the bed with them, as they slept.

Poppy had taken to playing chess with her father, Rhiannon had joked about her daughter becoming a daddy’s girl and sure enough it seemed as if she was right.

“So we do this and you do that and..” Poppy began but struggled with what she was going to say.
“Come on Poppy, you know this.” Dean said as he watched his daughter’s thoughts.
“And I win?” Poppy beamed as she giggled at her father.
“Yes, you win.” Dean laughed as he winked at Rhiannon who was attending to the boys whilst watching the chess game. “But to win what do you say?”
“Hmm, checkmate?” Poppy replied uncertainly but smiled brightly when her father nodded.

As the months flew by, Rhiannon couldn’t believe how fast her children was growing. Poppy had recently gained a B in school and growing up to be quite the whiz kid.

“Mommy, mommy!” Poppy called and jumped up and down as Rhiannon approached her.
“Yes Poppy.” Rhiannon answered as she tried to stop her daughter from jumping around, fearing that she would get sick since she had recently had some dinner.
“Rupert said yes! We are gonna get married and have a teddy baby. Like you and daddy.” Poppy beamed before hugging her bear, Rhiannon couldn’t help but laugh at her daughter.
“Perhaps you already have a teddy baby since your pink teddy in the toy box?” Rhiannon offered and shook her head as her daughter opened the toy box.
“There you are Mai! I have been looking everywhere for you. Rupert! We finally have a daughter!” Poppy gasped before jumping on the bed with her pink teddy.
“In future Poppy, mind where you stick your toys. You father wouldn’t be too pleased if he trips over Mai again.” Rhiannon whispered as she neared Poppy and placed a kiss upon her head.


5 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter fifteen – Bundle of cuteness!

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    Poppy is beyond cute! Her interactions with Rupert and Mai have me smiling :)

    Twins?! Oh my! Rhiannon is going to be really, really busy for years to come. Welcome to the family, Logan and Lewis! Your big sister, Poppy, has lots to teach you… about chess and teddy bears and jumping on the bed **chuckles**


  2. valeoftearz says:

    I was so relieved that she turned out a little cutie pie, I’m not always shallow but since she is the main star. Yes, the twins probably shocked me more than they shocked Rhiannon. Hahah :)

    Yes, I agree. However in the sims 3, toddlers drove me up the all I don’t know if I could handle annoying toddlers in sims 4..I still want them though. :)

    Liked by 1 person

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