Gen 0 – Chapter fourteen – So what are you calling me?

The days following the birth of the baby had kept Rhiannon in awe, learning to care for her daughter had seemed like second nature to Rhiannon and although she wasn’t ready for a baby, when she first fount out she was pregnant. She knew now that she was meant for motherhood. Rhiannon was smitten by her child and began hoping to find the time to increase her little family but with a newly born baby taking up most of her time, Rhiannon needed to wait.

As following fortnight passed by Rhiannon had bonded with her daughter, but a name was still needed and Dean had decided that any name their daughter had would be perfect so Rhiannon was left to decide.

“What to name you? I still have no idea.” Rhiannon coo’d as she held her daughter close to her chest.

Rhiannon started to begin to panic, she had narrowed it down to a few names but still she was undecided.

“Do you like the name Fiona? Hm, no? What about Portia. Oh a no to that too, huh?” Rhiannon asked and sighed before finally settling on a name.

Trying the name out for the following hour, Rhiannon was certain that the name that she had chosen would be perfect for her baby.

“There, there Poppy. Mommy as fount your name at last.” Rhiannon coo’d as she gently bounced her daughter in her arms.

The following year had passed by rather uneventful for Poppy but during that time Rhiannon had discovered that she was with expecting once again.

“Soon you will be a big sister Poppy, that will be nice won’t it? You’ll have someone to play with and look after.” Rhiannon spoke softly to her daughter as she bottle fed her daughter.

As Poppy slept in her moses basket, Rhiannon decided to catch up on the children’s channel in hopes of being able to connect with Poppy once she gets a little older.

“Haha, I remember Dancing Hotdog” I use to watch this show all the time as a kid.” Rhiannon said enthusicastic as Dean tried to sleep.
“Honey.” Dean groaned as he turned over, sticking the pillow over his head.
“Sorry.” Rhiannon replied, still fixated on watching the dancing Hotdog.

Life in the Lachance household was certainly about to get more interesting, however Rhiannon was unaware of what exactly was in mind for her future.


4 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter fourteen – So what are you calling me?

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    Welcome, Poppy! May your life be filled with smiles and laughter as you learn and grow. Nice way of working the name poll into the story :)

    I think Rhiannon needs a few more walls in her near future or things can get rather embarrassing when the young miss is old enough to freshen up on her own.

    With a 2nd child on the way, Rhiannon has certainly done a full 360 from when she was unsure about having a family so soon after getting married. May both children bring joyful moments instead of woeful ones to their tired, hardworking parents.


  2. valeoftearz says:

    Awww, yeah Rhiannon realised that motherhood was in her dna after all. As for the house, yeah she as been working hard to raise the money to give herself and the kids some privacy but sadly walls don’t come cheap.

    Liked by 1 person

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