Gen 0 – Chapter sixteen – Ahoy! Me Simlies…

Although Poppy was a rather neat young lady, she still had the odd playful moment where she would jump in the scrap metal that her parents would leave after repairing one of the items in the bathroom.

On many occassions Rhiannon would find herself standing in the doorway watching her daughter attempt to mop up a puddle of water from off the grass.

“Dean, why is it that our daughter finds it necessary to mop up water off the grass?” Rhiannon asked as he glanced over at her husband who was attending to their sons, sighing as he simply shrugged.
“Why wont you dissapear?!” Poppy yelled as she began to get frustrated with the watery puddle.

Magnolia blossom park had become one of Poppy’s favourite places to spend her weekends after a stressful week at school, as soon as Poppy had finished her homeone on Saturday she decided to pay the park a visit. Sadly there was no children at the park at seven am so Poppy decided to wait for some protentional friends to arrive whilst she played on the monkey bars.

As the hours went on, Poppy decided that she could have more fun by herself anyways so she decided to do just that, and so Poppy tapped into her imagination and began playing as a pirate on the big pirate ship, a ship she decided to name The Jolly Roger.

“Aye! The scallysim returns to claim me Jolly Roger and me rum! Batten down the hatches for Simsnapper Heather who will walk the plank!” Poppy yelled in her best pirate voice.

After jumping around the Jolly Roger with a fallen tree branch as her cutlass, she reached the slide.

“Aghhhh, why is the rum gone? I cap’n Redflower must feed the fish, farewell me beauty Jolly Roger!” Poppy giggled as she tried to be serious as the pretend pirate, suddenly she jumped down on to the slide.

“Agh!” Poppy screamed as the forced of her jump had her flying off the slide and on to the grass. Luckily Poppy wasn’t harmed but she wasn’t ready to play on the Jolly Roger any time soon.

After the fall, Poppy decided to walk around the park in search of finding a friend. Instead, all Poppy fount was a plate of freshly cooked hotdogs that had been abandoned. Sitting down at the picnic table, Poppy grabbed herself a healthy serving and savoured every mouthful.

Deciding to head home for the day, Poppy decided to continue with her pirate games ‘The search for Lollie’s booty’. Soon enough Poppy fount the rock containing Lollie’s booty, opening it up Poppy gasps as she fount a mysims doll and it wasn’t just any mysims doll it was her favourite doll, it was Cap’n Ginny.


(Note: Capn’t Ginny is not actually in the mysim collection in sims 4 but is in the mysims original game and it fitted more with the story. She actually fount Poppy though which is amusing in itself.)


2 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter sixteen – Ahoy! Me Simlies…

  1. lovesstorms says:

    Bwahaha! Lollie’s booty? Simsnapper Heather? <3 Well, I'm glad she found a cute simdoll from the booty. ;) She's seriously a cute little girl! I'm looking forward to what she'll look like as she gets older. It stinks when no one is around to play, but she has quite the imagination. :D


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