Gen 0 – Chapter Nineteen – Happy Birthday Poppy!

It had been a few years since Poppy had begged the grim reaper to spare her fathers life, luckily Death wasn’t quite ready to take Dean. So the grim allowed Dean to be spared on the basis that when it was Poppy’s time to die, she would greet him with a death flower. As Poppy neared her birthday that would transition her from a child and into a teen, Poppy began to start thinking about this particular flower. So one night, Poppy decided to ask her mother about this mysterious death flower.

“What is a deathflower?” Poppy asked as she watched Rhiannon eat her autumn salad.
“Are you learning about this at school?” Rhiannon asked as she stiffened slightly, this flower was associated with the grim reaper and anything to do with him could not be good.
“Nope!” Poppy said brightly and continued to smile until Rhiannon sighed.
“It’s a very rare and dangerous flower.” Rhiannon replied before seeing her daughter’s smile instantly become a frown.
“Perhaps I should call Aunt Rave, she’ll know exactly what it is.” Poppy said as she shrugged before jumping off the bed.

A few days before Poppy’s birthday, Rhiannon set about making Poppy’s birthday cake. It would eventually become a deep chocolate sponge cake, decorated in pretty chocolate swirls and frosted it in chocolate buttercream.

In one last attempt to embarrass her daughter, Rhiannon pulled out a lime green trumpet and proceeded to make a birthday tune with it, earning a annoyed glare in the process.

Rhiannon watched as her daughter looked at the candles upon the cake, walking closer she took a hesitant deep breath.

“I wish..” Poppy began but Rhiannon stopped her.
“Don’t tell the wish or it won’t come true.” Rhiannon whispered and Poppy giggled before nodding.

Slowly Poppy took another deep breath and proceed to blowing out the candles, Rhainnon let go of the celebration confetti but the noise had clearly startled her, either that or she suddenly began to feel very old.

Poppy sighed as she realised that not all the candles had been blown out so she decided to silently wish once more before gaining a deep breath and finally blowing out all the candles.


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