Gen 0 – Chapter Eighteen – All fired up!

Inevitably it was bound to happen within the Lachance household, it was just a matter of time. Unfortunately for the  Lachance family it was to happen on this particular night and as Dean began to prepare his meal he was minutes away from feeling the fiery inferno.

As the fire began to spread Dean finds himself unable to shake the fire from his clothing. Unfortunately, due to his sheer panic Dean, forgets to drop to the floor and roll.

Hearing the fire alarm blasting throughout the Lachance house, both Poppy and Logan was first to the scene.

“Stay back kids.” Dean yelled as she jumped around trying to douse the flames.
“Daddy!” Poppy screamed, tears steaming down her plump cheeks.

Rhiannon couldn’t help wonder what her husband was doing, she wasn’t able to quite grasp what was going on as she stood besides her bed. Her head throbbed, what with the blaring siren aswell as the distressed calls of her children.

After a few seconds Rhiannon snapped herself to reality and quickly grabbed the fire extingisher and began dousing the flames from her husband.

Once the flames was all out, Rhiannon sent the children back to bed and sat on the bed. Taking a few moments to clear her mind of her emotions, she looked at her husband who was still coughing from the smoke inhalation.

“What was you thinking?” Rhiannon asked, findin herself more calm if she kept herself busy so she stood up and proceeded to make the bed.
“I was hungry.” Dean replied, coughing in between each word. “It’s not as if I purposely went out of my way to set the house on fire.”
“I know, it’s just you put us at risk. The house at risk!” Rhiannon sighed as she stopped fluffing the cushion and looked at her husband. “Dean, perhaps you should go to the hospital. That coughing is worrying.”
“I’m fine Rhiannon. Lets get some sleep and in the morning, we can see about kitchen.” Dean said as he climbed in to the bed.

The next couple of days saw Dean’s coughing get worse however he had been to preoccupied with getting the kitchen replaced that he ignored Rhiannon’s concerns for his health. Sadly, during that particular night Dean awoken feeling breathless and without any warning, his body collapsed to the floor.

“Rhi” Dean gasped, however his heart had stopped before he could finish his wife’s name.
“Dean!” Rhiannon, felt her heart had jumped up into her throat.

Hearing Rhiannon crying, Poppy walked out of her bedroom and screamed as she saw her father upon the floor with the grim reaper looming over him.

“Please, please don’t take my father.” Poppy cried as she begged the grim reaper.
“If I spare him, what will you do for me?” The grim reaper replied as he looked down at his deathly simtablet.
“Anything.” Poppy hesitated slightly and waited for the grims reply.


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