Gen 0 – Chapter Seventeen – Boy, Boy, Boys…

Life had become stress full for Dean over the past couple of years, life as an elder was certainly not agreeing with him and so he decided to phone an old friend, whilst the boys slept. However the outcome of that call depressed Dean even more as his friend had recently been taken by the grim reaper, eaten by a cowplant his wife had informed.

Avoiding Meagan the cowplant, Dean began to spend most of his time with Poppy and the boys.

Soon enough the boys had magically grew up into adorable children in a blink of an eye, Rhiannon couldn’t believe how quick her boys had grew.

“Won’t you look at that Logan.” Lewis said with a mischievious grin.
“Look at what?” Logan asked, having had his brother perk his curiosity.
“We look identical!” Lewis beamed but frowned as Logan walked away shaking his head.

Lewis decided to try out his creativeness by drawing a rainbow and sprinkling the entire page in yellow glitter.

Logan on the other hand wanted to see if he really had more brain than brawn.

However both Lewis and Logan had the subtle interest the science and exact art that is potion-making. Yet neither boy had a clue as to what they was actually doing.

It took a while but Dean eventually decided that he would spend a little time with Meagan the cowplant, especially since Meagan had milked Rhiannon of her comfort and so he thought that his life was safe around the cowplant.

Note; Thanks for Ciane for making Meagan come to life even though it was never your intention. <3


2 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter Seventeen – Boy, Boy, Boys…

  1. lovesstorms says:

    Ooh, will Logan and Lewis stir up some mischief? Wouldn’t be one bit surprised.

    Also, Dean isn’t a genius, right? I mean, he finds out his friend was eaten by a cowplant, so he’s off to the feed the one in his back yard. :/


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