Gen 0 – Chapter Twenty – Goodbye Dean

Rhiannon watched as her only daughter aged before her very eyes, apart of her was happy that her daughter was growing up to become a very proper young lady but at the same time, Rhiannon couldn’t help but wish that Poppy was still her little girl.

“This is from your father and I. The boys have left yout gift in your room.” Rhiannon said as she handed a small retangle box to Poppy, looking over at her husband who had been feeling rather ill the past couple of weeks and was unable to celebrate his daughters birthday.
“A Simphone!” Poppy gasped as she pulled the phone out and looked at it, before placing it down on the table and gently kissing her sleeping dad before hugging her mother.
“There is something else, this is just from me.” Rhiannon whispered as she took off her golden heart pendant and placed it into the palm of her only daughter.
“I can’t accept this, it means so much to you. It was your mother’s.” Poppy said as she held the delicate pendant in her hand.
“This as been in the family for many years, passed from mother to daughter at the right time and now it is yours. So when you have a daughter you will pass it on to her, as she will to her daughter and so on.” Rhiannon explained as she kissed her daughters forehead.

Over the next couple of weeks, Rhiannon had blossomed as a responsible teenager. She took her studies seriously and was looking after her brothers whilst Rhiannon cared for Dean who’s health was deteriating vastly. Still, Poppy still tried to make time for her parents, after school she would sit on the bed with her father and tell him all about her day and once the boys was asleep she would spend sometime with Rhiannon and they would take pictures together and upload them to simbook.

As Dean watched his wife and daughter laughing as they took silly pictures together, he could feel that his life was fading quickly. Climbing out of bed Dean felt his body go very weak and in that moment, he know that the grim was on his way to collect him.

As Dean collapsed, Rhiannon and Poppy began to cry as they knew that the grim reaper would not spare Dean’s life once more.

The following months passed by rather swiftly. Understandably, Rhiannon had taken the death of her husband rather badly and had spent most nights awake trying to cry herself to sleep. As the boys was still rather young, it was left to Poppy to care for them whilst her mother tried to rest because of the sleepless nights. Poppy fount her comfort at her father’s grave where she would continue to tell him about her say as she morned him.

Taking a day out away from the sadness at home, Poppy decided to go and visit Aunt Rave. However, since Raven was out she decided to walk to the nearby park and do some light fishing. Fishing strangely comforted her, as it was one of the few hobbies that she had in common with her father.


2 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter Twenty – Goodbye Dean

  1. lovesstorms says:

    Oh, so sad. Good-bye, Dean! :( I’m glad to see Poppy helping with the responsibilities. She’s such a proper young lady. Hopefully, visiting Raven will help lift her spirits….and she can ask about the death flower. o_O


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