Gen 0 – Chapter Twenty One – Showing some signs

It had been months since her beloved husband had died and she had spend most of her nights lying awake as tears streamed down her face. After many hours of crying, Rhiannon fell into a deep sleep. Walking back to his room, Logan stood at his sisters door and rubbed his tired eyes.

“Is mom crying again?” Poppy asked as she looked up from her book, a small sigh escaping her lips as her brother nodded slowly before heading to bed.

The following evening had seen a sudden shift in atmosphere in the Lachance had brightened up, Rhiannon had seemed more happier and made an effort to hold a conversation as Poppy prepared the family meal the boys went to play with Mai the bear.

Poppy was happier that her mother was getting back into her art and wasn’t spending most of her time crying in her bed. She loved her father dearly but she had been very worried about her mother. As Poppy began dishing up some key lime pie, she heard her brothers screaming as they watched the television levitate.

“Mom!!” Logan and Lewis yelled as they stared at the levitating television.

For days the paranomal activity continued in the Lachance household and each day it would be the same object that would levitate. Both the boys had fount it amusing after the first night of being terrifed, Rhiannon hadn’t seem to mind the paranomal activity or perhaps she hadn’t notice. Poppy however was rather freaked out from the ghostly encounters and so she stayed awake and waited for the activity to begin. Quickly pulling on her hoodie, Poppy ran outside and followed the apperation that had appeared.

“Daddy!” Poppy gasped as she looked at the ghostly man, together they stood talking before she pulled out her simphone and took a picture with her father.

Suddenly everything went dark and Poppy could feel the distant sounds of her mother calling her name, slowly Poppy’s eyes fluttered opened. Allowing her eyes to adjust to the brightness, Poppy grabbing her simphone and checked her photo album. Rhiannon looked at her daughter in confusion before Poppy sighed heavily. “It was just a dream.”

Later that day, Poppy went to visit her Aunt Raven. Poppy had spent part of the last couple of months consoling both her mother and Aunt Raven since Raven had been struggling with the death of her son Dean.

“Hello Aunt Rave, I’ve brought you some hearty cookies. I baked them this morning before school.” Poppy said as she entered the kitchen and placed the plate off cookies upon the counter.
“Hearty cookies?” Raven askes as she raises her eyebrows. “You must have fount a guy that makes your heart flutter.”
“I don’t have time for boys, Aunt.” Poppy replied softly, a blushes slightly appears upon her cheeks as her eyes look over at Callum.
“Right, I’m sure you don’t.” Raven replies as she smiles at the young girl, following Poppy’s eyes she looks at Callum. “Cal, don’t you have someplace to be?”
“No, I don’t think so?” Callum replies as he looks up at his mother.
“I’m pretty sure you do.” Raven replies as she looks at her son, with a look that demands him to comply with what she is saying.
“Oh right, I’m suppose..suppose to meet with..with the park.” Callum answered with pause as he understood what his mother was saying with her look.
“Oh well in that case, I shall accompany you as I have to meet..err, I have to meet my study partner there.” Poppy replied and hugged her aunt before leaving with Callum.

As Callum and Poppy entered the park, she followed him to a chess table and stood against the lampost as she watched Callum play a game of chess. Poppy looked around and sighed when she couldn’t see the person that she was suppose to be meeting, seeing Poppy’s bordom Callum pulled out his voodoo doll and gave it to bored girl.

“Whats this?” Poppy asked as she took the doll from Callum’s hand.
“It’s a doll that makes others do your biding,” Callum replied as he moved a chess piece.
“Why do you have this doll?” Poppy asked as she began stabbing the doll, sighing as nothing happened.
“Thats a trade secret, if you don’t what it. You can give it back.” Callum said, his eyes watching Poppy carefully as she struggled with her response.
“I didn’t say I didn’t want it.” Poppy answered and smiled gently as she looked down at the doll. “Thanks Cal.”

Poppy couldn’t help but feel strangely amused by the Voodoo, she didn’t quiet understand the dolls protential but as she stood in the park that evening.

“I shall call you…Harry!”

Notes: Thanks again to cmbaker16 for stopping by once more to talk for Raven and Callum. Check out her Legacy here …


2 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter Twenty One – Showing some signs

  1. lovesstorms says:

    Harry the Voodoo doll! Somehow, I think he’d like that! :mrgreen:

    Poppy was supposed to talk to Raven about the death flower. I hope she hasn’t forgotten. Now she has Harry the Voodoo doll. If Harry has his way, there will be trouble down the road. o_O

    Also, I just realized I am caught up! What?! <3


  2. valeoftearz says:

    Yeah, I think he would too. Oh and Yeah, I think that Harry would be like a chucky doll…

    Hmm, she was suppose to..wasn’t she. Oh dear..I wonder why that is???

    Awww…sorry I am working on more chapters. <3


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