Gen 0 – Chapter Twenty Two – A secret little Poppy…

As the days went by Poppy seemed to be hiding something, she was becoming rather tense and because of this, her concerntration began to wane. Alas this lack of concentration would lead to her become attacked by Meagan version 4.0, luckily for Poppy she was instantly spat out and covered in slime.

“Ugh Meagan!” Poppy groaned as she flicked slime from off her jeans, looking up at Meagan she sighed. “No more tricking me with cake, you.”

Poppy felt rather dirty after been attacked by Meagan. However, the temptation to milk her cowplant was too much to resist since it sold for alot of simeoleons on the plumbob market.

Whilst Poppy finished getting dressed after washing off the cowplant slime from her body, she recieved a telephone call. Noticing who was calling, she lowered her voice before speaking and eventually a flushed blush marked her cheeks as a request was made.

“I know I post pictures to simbook but usually it’s with friends, taking a selfie for you is embarrassing.” Poppy replied softly as was secretly smiling, part of her liked the thrill  but deep down she could feel her guilt rising.

Finally agreeing to push aside her guilt, Poppy began posing for the camera. She felt absolutely silly but she also felt excited at the same time, she just hoped that she could find a picture that she felt comfortable sending.

Poppy felt the flutter of nerves rising in her stomach as she watched the picture being sent, taking a deep breath she looked in the mirror of the bathroom before sneakily rushing to her bedroom. As soon as she shut her bedroom door, her phone bleeps and slowly she takes a deep breath before looking at the message.

“I thought the ugly duckling was a myth, until now.” The message read and Poppy stared at the message in mortification for a few moments before replying and throwing the phone on her bed along with herself in the process.

Later that night, Poppy tried to block out the persissant phone calls which had been bugging her for the last couple of hours.

“Don’t answer, you know what will happen if you do.” Poppy tried to give herself a pep talk as she rolled over in her bed.

Still the phone calls continued and even though Poppy’s simphone was placed on silent, she still fount it very hard to ignore. Groaning slightly she sat upon the bed and answered the call, as she placed the box of tissues upon the floor.

“Stop calling me!” Poppy snapped, her voice lacked any emotion apart however the small sniffle had instantly informed the person on the other end of the line that she had been crying.

As Poppy listened she instantly began cursing herself, she knew that if she picked up the phone she wouldn’t be able to stay angry for too long and she was right. Within moments she was lying in her bed, whispered replies into her phone, a smile laced upon her face. It wasn’t until the call ended that Poppy began to worry if she had been over heard, climbing out of bed she checked to make sure her brothers and mother was asleep before heading back to bed.

The following morning Poppy woke up to a picture message, she couldn’t help but laugh heartilly at the playful photo.

“Whats so funny?” Rhiannon asked as she peaked her head into the room and looked at her laughing daughter.
“Oh I was sent a picture of Aunt Raven’s boys all dressed up in their suits for Cal’s wedding. They look so ridiculous.” Poppy replied as she typed sent her reply, her face blushing slightly.
“I’m sure they look very handsome.” Rhiannon replied from within the kitchen.
“No! They look so amusing!” Poppy laughed as she began typing the reply, however what she wrote made her blush, especially since the picture she had lied to her mother about what the picture contained.

‘You look very cute this morning but you really shouldn’t tease me with pictures like that.’

Poppy held her simtablet to her chest and smiled, her heart pounding in her chest however as she looked at her mother the sudden feeling of dread comsumed her happiness, Poppy felt sickened by her lie but she knew that she couldn’t tell her the truth.


5 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter Twenty Two – A secret little Poppy…

  1. valeoftearz says:

    Lol, she was asked to send a selfie and she did a duck face so the people receiving the picture called her an ugly duckling due to that.. although you know what they say about ugly ducklings <3


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