Gen 0 – Chapter Twenty Four – Are you positive?

It had been a few days since Lewis and Logan had fount out about her secret relationshop with Aiden, after some convincing the twins had promised that they would allow Poppy to tell their mother when she was ready. Poppy couldn’t help but replay the conversation in her head as she’s began trying on various outfits for Callum’s upcoming wedding to Katrina.

“How long have to been dating?” Logan was the first to mention the relationship when she had returned later that evening.
“The week after dad died, he sat up all night with me. He spend the entire night trying to make me smile and by the time the sun came up, he had me laughing at his jokes.” Poppy replied as she played with her hair.
“So your in love?” Lewis asked slowly, he had felt immensely guilty after he had spilled her secret.
“Yes! You know, sometimes he humours the idea of getting married, and each time he does, I wish he was serious because I would marry him in a heartbeat.” Poppy gushed, causing her brothers to look at each other mischievously.

As she admired herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but wince at the tightness of her dress.

“Mom! I can’t wear the black dress! It’s too tight!” Poppy yelled causing Rhiannon to walk into the room and inspect the dress.
“Take it off and I’ll return it to the shop then.” Rhiannon sighed before leaving the room.
“I really need to lay off the grilled cheese!” Poppy groaned to herself as she took off the dress and took it back to her mother’s room.

As Poppy tried each dress she began to get frustrated with the fact that not one of the dresses fit her, she picked up the last dress. As she noticed the dress was a size larger she tried to hold back the tears. Poppy was very insecure and so she wanted to make sure she look nice for Aiden. Unfortunately all the dress she had tried so far wasn’t fitting her probably and with only a few days left until his brothers wedding she knew that she wouldn’t be unable to lose any weight. Luckily as she tried on the purple dress, she fount herself thinking that she looked cute enough and so, she took off the dress before sending Aiden a message to let him know that she had fount the perfect dress all the while hoping that her sudden weight gain wasn’t visible.

The following morning Poppy woke up at 6am and put her running shoes outfit on, after jogging around the neighbourhood she returned home and as she entered her room and proceeded to take a selfie for simbook, she noticed a strange app notification. As she opened the app, she was suddenly filled with dread.

Later that evening Poppy sat on the bed avoiding looking at Aiden as he leaned against the bedroom door. Poppy’s family had gone to help the Payne’s prepare for the upcoming wedding, giving Poppy and Aiden the house to themselves.

“Whats a pretty girl like you, doing home alone?” Aiden asked after a few moments of silence, he wasn’t sure what was wrong with his girlfriend only that he had overheard Rhiannon telling Raven that Poppy had some kind of stomach bug.
“Studying, however I cannot seem to concentrate.” Poppy sighed, placing her simtablet in the bedside table drawer.
“Well of course, I walked into the room. I think I’m your biggest distraction.” Aiden humoured as he tries to lightens the mood.
“You have no idea how much I wish that was true, right now.” Poppy sighed, secretly wiping a tear from her left eye.
“Well that’s a dissapointment, whats a bigger distration than me?” Aiden asked, watching his girlfriend carefully.
“I think I’m pregnant.” Poppy blurted as she tries to make eye contact with him, she instantly sees the fear in his eyes but as he walked to the bed and sat down, she felt safe by his presence.
“Have you seen a doctor?..No,no that gives us away. You wouldn’t do that..” Aiden stumbles over his words slightly, yet he manages to over come his shock of the recent news as Poppy shakes her head to inform him that she hadn’t been to the doctor. “Ok, ok, have you taken a test?”
“I brought a test but I can’t Aiden…What if I am? We are too young to be parents!” Poppy hesitates but as Aiden places his hands upon her, she smiles slighly.
“Pops, we’re not that young. Graduations right around the corner, we’re practially adults. Besides wouldn’t it be better to out out for sure yourself, before your mom does?” Aiden replied, he knew Poppy better than she knew herself and new that she would see reason.
“Ok, I will be back.” Poppy said after a few moments, quickly she grabbed the pregnancy test box from her school bag and left the room.

Within a minute, Poppy had returned to her bedroom along with the pregnancy test in her hand. Poppy tried to count the seconds tick by but she felt frozen in time, slowly she looked at Aiden and she couldn’t believe how calm he looked. Perhaps he was trying to stay calm for her sake but part of her wished that he could show that he was scared too, so that she didn’t have to feel like she was alone with this feeling.

“How would you feel if it’s positive?” Poppy asked, her voice breaking slightly.
“I’d be happy, scared and worried all at once but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Aiden replied calmly as Poppy bit her lower lip slightly.
“It would be amazing would it?” Poppy commented after a minute of silence.
“Yea.” As Aiden replied Poppy noticed that his face was expressionless, even his tone lacked emotion. It worried Poppy immensely, the sudden though entered her mind. ‘What will you do if you are and he doesn’t want you or the baby.’
“I think it’s been long enough.” Poppy said snapping herself from her thoughts, she knew that Aiden wouldn’t abandoned her. However, she couldn’t help the thoughts that was swirling in her mind. “Ready?”
“Ready.” Aiden nodded as he spoke.
“I can’t look.” Poppy admits after a few moments before handing the test to Aiden.
“Guess I better prepare that ruby ring.” Aiden commented as he looked down at the test that revealed that Poppy was in fact pregnant.
“Pregnant.” Poppy read once she had took the test from Aiden and looked down at the pregancy test. “Wow Aiden! You really are unbelievable.”
“What?” Aiden asked confused, he was still realing from the fact that his girlfriend was pregnant that he was still in a slight state of shock.
“You get me pregnant and suddently you think you have to marry me!” Poppy snapped as she threw the pregnancy test down on to the bed.
“Poppy, it took the two of us to do that if you remember. So it’s not just my fault.” Aiden said before standing up, his tall frame now slightly looming over her. “And I can’t believe after everything you’d think I just want to marry you cause of the baby!”
“Aiden!” Poppy cried out as she watched him storm out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

As Aiden leaned against her bedroom door, he could her the muffle sound of sobbing. Although he was angry, he couldn’t bear to listen to the love of his life sobbing. It was heart breaking for him, and so after taking a deep breath he opened the door and walked back into Poppy’s bedroom.

Notes: Thanks to cmbaker16 for teaming up with me, yet again! – Aiden is apart of the Payne Legacy which also contains some Chapters with Poppy…so go and check out her blog here…especially since Cmbaker16 actually as some important chapters with Poppy that are not covered in the chapters on my blog.


3 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter Twenty Four – Are you positive?

  1. lovesstorms says:

    o_O Well, I’m slightly shocked, to be honest. I hadn’t even realized they were doing naughty things! Surprise to me!

    Yeah, that’s what happens when you get pregnant before marriage. Sometimes the women struggle with “are they marrying me for me or because they got me pregnant?” It’s tough. Hopefully, Aiden and Poppy can work this out. It’ll be a long road. (and I’ll be there the whole way!)


  2. valeoftearz says:

    Yeah…. *blushes*

    I didn’t realise it would go in this direction…however as cm and I bounced around the idea and was telling me stuff that was going on in her legacy where Aiden and Poppy was concerned. I thought it would be a good route to take.

    A lot of people get themselves into this situation, I am trying to get the legacy as realistic and I also want to make each heir different because no daughter is fully like her mother. Part of me was worried about bringing this subject up but then again, it’s part of life so I don’t regret it at all. I’m sure I will cover much worse things in my legacy in the future. I just hope my followers will stick with me.

    I agree, I think it was understandable that Poppy would feel conflicted by why he would ask her after that but I think deep down, she could see the signs that he was planning to ask her eventually…probably just in that moment and no like that. Poppy is very insecure, she is nothing like her mama in that way but at the same time she is very naïve like her mama too. So it does complicate matters. <3

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