Gen 0 – Chapter Twenty Three – Secrets have a way of coming out.

Since non of her family would be home for some hours, Poppy invited Aiden around to the house shortly after returning home from school.

“Did Aaron speak to you when you got home?” Poppy asked as she sat on the couch beside Aiden.
“No, he was help up in the gym hitting a punching bag.” Aiden answered truthfully.
“So he is still angry then?” Poppy asked nervously, she felt bad that Aiden and Aaron wasn’t on speaking terms.
“No, he’s training for a boxing match.” Aiden replies sarcastically.
“You don’t need to be sarcastic, Aiden.” Poppy huffs, looking at him she sighs. “I’m really sorry about this.”
“Listen Pops, he’ll come around. You don’t have to worry. He was just worried about me is all.” Aiden reassured, although Poppy unfortunately wasn’t reassured by this.
“And in the meantime, I make myself sick with worry.” Poppy commented before another thought entered her mind her. “Do you think he will tell Aunt Rave?”
“Pop’s, I don’t think he as too.” Aiden replied, he was almost certain that his mother was away of their relationship.
“I’m so dead!” Poppy groaned as she rested her head upon Aiden’s shoulders.
“Pop’s, you aren’t dead. Perhaps, a bit singed.” Aiden mocked, causing Poppy to laugh slightly.
“Hey, I can see the headlines now.. Poppy Lachance was torched to death by her own mother!” Poppy joked nervously as Aiden looked at her in amusement.

Noticing that Poppy was quiet due to her worrying over her mother finding out about their relationship, Aiden placed his arm around her and pulled her closer to him.

“Pops, everything will be fine. I don’t think your mom or mine will mind us being together and if they do, we can just run away together.” Aiden comforted, a small reassuring smile laced upon his face as Poppy looked at him.
“Why don’t we then?” Poppy asked as she moved herself away to get a better look at Aiden’s reaction, the thought of running away seemed rather appealing to her.
“Because we both know we’d miss our families to much, besides it’s only a little longer until graduation. Unless you want to come out with it now..” Aiden replied, his heart racing as he though Poppy would become upset. Aiden had noticed that her emotions had become rather temperamental recently however he had put it down to the stress of the upcoming graduation.
“I think we should tell them after graduation.” Poppy finally said after a few minute, she was tired of keeping her relationship a secret even if the thought of telling her mother was still terrifying, however the thought that they could just run away gave her a little more confidence about telling her mother.
“Well that’s an improvement, you know I’d tell them now but I’m respecting your wishes so you tell them when you feel your ready.” Aiden replied as he held her hand to which she nodded slowly before placing a light kiss upon his cheek.
“I thought we could tell them together.” Poppy said in a bare whisper, however Aiden heard her perfectly.
“We will but your the one that wants to keep it a secret. So we’ll tell them together when you feel the time is right.” Aiden reassured as he took her hand in his own.
“Soon we won’t have to seek around.” Poppy smiled as she pulled some fabric link off his jumper.
“I’m sure soon will be soon enough.” Aiden replies as he notices someone standing in the doorway of one of the bedrooms. A smile laced across his face as he realises who could be lurking.

Noticing that Aiden was looking at something, she turned to face the direction. It was at that moment, she felt her heart race as the blood was drained from her face.

“This cannot be happening.” Poppy gasped as she pulled her hands to her mouth.

Poppy waited for Aiden to leave the house before turning her attention to her lurking brother, Lewis.

“So this is what you have been up too?” Lewis mocked as he shot his toothy grin at her. “Does mom know?”
“No and if you know what’s good for you, she won’t find out.” Poppy yelled in annoyance which only prompted Lewis to laugh in amusement.

After Poppy was certain that Lewis would keep quite, she left the house and went to find Aiden who was sitting on a nearby bench.

“Well I’ve managed to get him to keep his big mouth shut.” Poppy huffed as she sat down.
“Really?” Aiden asked, a little shocked that Lewis would stay quite.
“Yes, it’s amazing what twenty simoleons will achieve.” Poppy said as she smirked a little.
“Twenty simoleons for what exactly? Not to tell your mom?” Aiden asked as he smiled inwardly, he knew that her brother would be unable to keep quite for long.
“More like pretend he didn’t just overhear us.” Poppy replied proudly for a few moments before commenting on her brother’s lurking habits. “He is such a creep sometimes.”

Noticing that the sky was beginning to fill with twinkling stars, Aiden asked Poppy to stargaze with him. He didn’t want her to go home feeling stressed or upset and knew that she liked astrology.

“Oh Look, your staring back at me.” Aiden said as he look at the stars, he had told her many times that the sparkling stars reminded him of her eyes.
“I love how you always tell me that.” Poppy laughed, she loved how sweet he was towards her, especially since she felt rather insecure about herself at times.
“I do try.” Aiden replied humorously.
“You see that constellation right there, the one that looks like a diamond?” Poppy asked as she pointed to the Plumbob constellation. “It’s called a plumbob, it’s the only constellation that looks as if it is always hovering over you.”
“Is that the kind of ring you’d like?” Aiden asked sneakily as he took a risky look at her expression, he wasn’t sure if she would be ready for such a gesture but he needed to find out.
“Well you know what they say, a diamond is a girls best friend.” Poppy replied playfully before turning on her side and looking at Aiden. “Why? You thinking of buying me one?”
“I might be.” Aiden replied playfully before asking more seriously. “Would you accept it?”
“Probably not, diamonds are nice and all but me, I’m more of a ruby kind of girl.” Poppy teased rolling on to her back and looking up at the darkened sky.
“Then I’ll get ya a ruby ring.” Aiden answered a few moments later, his tone becoming serious.
“Careful, you might give me the impression you will get me anything I want.” Poppy scoffed before laughing, it was one of her favourite things about her, he always knew how to make her laugh.
“That’s exactly what I was doing.” Aiden admitted as his hand entwined with hers.

Poppy was sitting upon her bed reading a cookery book entitled, The benefits of Caramel by Author Caro Mel. When she heard her brothers yelling, popping her head out of her room she panicked when she saw her brothers fighting.

“It’s hacking Lewis!” Logan yelled. “It’s morally wrong, let alone.. illegal.”
“Who cares, the Landgrabbs won’t miss a few simoleons.” Lewis rebuked.
“Oh no, of course not! Let make sure that we tell that to the Plumbob Police when they come knocking on the door.” Logan rebuked as he waved his hands all over the place.
“Are you hacking again?” Poppy asked as she walked closer to her brothers.
“Again?” Logan replied as he turned to his sister. “You knew about this?”
“I caught him a few days ago.” Poppy replied softly and bit her lip slightly as Lewis scowled at her.
“Was this before or after you was discussing running away together with Aiden.” Lewis spat maliciously as Logan looked at his siblings in shock. “Oh and get this, they have been sneaking about behind mom’s back doing plumbob knows what!”
“I hate you!!!!” Poppy yelled before running out of the house.
“Poppy!” Logan called after his sister before turning back to his brother. “You better hope that Poppy’s comes home!”

Notes: Thanks to cmbaker16 for teaming up with me, yet again! – Aiden is apart of the Payne Legacy which also contains some Chapters with Poppy…so go and check out her blog here…especially since Cmbaker16 actually as some important chapters with Poppy that are not covered in the chapters on my blog.


4 thoughts on “Gen 0 – Chapter Twenty Three – Secrets have a way of coming out.

  1. lovesstorms says:

    Caro Mel!!!!!! <3 I've heard she's quite talented. ;)

    Now, Poppy has to come back home. Her brothers are a pain. Of course, she's so worried about her mom not liking the relationship. I wonder if her mom would truly mind. Maybe not.


  2. valeoftearz says:

    Yes! Caro Mel is very talented..I think she is Poppy’s fave author. <3

    I don't think Rhiannon would give a monkee's to be honest..especially since Aiden is a good lad…hehehe

    It was Aiden..since he wanted a picture of his girl.. you know I love confusing you, Lollie. <3


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