Gen 1 – Chapter Twenty Five – Adjusting to 1st trimester.

It had been a week since Rhiannon had fount about the secret relationship between Poppy and Aiden, and although she gave the couple her blessing she couldn’t help but feel hurt that her daughter felt she needed to keep the relationship a secret. The following morning, Rhiannon had caught Poppy throwing up and instantly she knew that her daughter had been keeping more than just the relationship a secret from her.

“I’m sorry you had to find out like that, Mom.” Poppy said as she walked out of the bathroom and sat between Aiden and her mother.
“I don’t understand you Poppy, why do you feel like you need to hide things from me?” Rhiannon asked as she look at her solemn daughter. “How long gone are you?”
“I don’t know, a couple of weeks.” Poppy replied softly as she tried to calculate in her mind.
“I booked us to see a nurse for this afternoon, to make sure both mother and baby are doing well.” Aiden admitted after a few moments of silence, seeing Poppy look at him in fear he placed his arm around her for comfort.

Once Rhiannon went off to work, Poppy and Aiden remained on the sofa and spoke about the upcoming doctors appointment as well as their mother’s reactions to the pregnancy.

“I think we got lucky with having such understanding parents.” Poppy humoured as she snuggled up against Aiden.
“Well I did try to tell you many times but you wouldn’t believe me.” Aiden teased and became playful as Poppy rolled her eyes at him.
“Aiden!” Poppy yelped as she tried to stop Aiden from tickling her, however him being persistent, she knew that the tickling wouldn’t stop until she admitted that he was right. “Ok, ok! You was right!” Poppy admitted in between spurts of laughter.

Later on in the week, Aiden had managed to get Poppy to agree to go on a afternoon date with him. Where they would sit under the willow tree eating an array of picnic food. Once they had eaten, Aiden let Poppy to the nearby lake where he would declare his love for her once more, asking if she would marry him before their child was born, to which Poppy agreed.

The weeks leading up to the wedding had lead to Poppy’s morning sickness becoming much stronger, however complains of stomach cramps and headache’s had left Aiden worried.

Gently kissing Poppy on the cheek, he could feel that she wasn’t as well as she was claiming.

“Pops, you need to rest. You are not well.” Aiden said seriously as he watched his fiancée carefully.
“I’m fine, Aiden.” Poppy protested as she leaned up against the counter.
“Poppy.” Aiden warned, his tone getting annoyed to which Poppy sighed and walked out of the kitchen without a word. “Where are you going?”
“I am doing as you have asked.” Poppy answered as she popped her head back into the kitchen, slightly smirking as she noticed that Aiden was looking at her in shock.

Aiden had been surprised that his soon to be wife had started to take him more seriously, it showed that she was becoming less insecure with him and their relationship.

Once Poppy had gone to get some rest in the bed room, Aiden went to get Poppy some ginger biscuits since they was known to help with morning sickness. However, as he arrived home his heart stopped momentarily as he noticed that Poppy had collapse on the kitchen floor.  Rushing over to her, he sighed in relief as she was slowly began to wake up. As he lifted her into his arms, he looked down to see her glossy eyes looking at him.

“I’m sorry, I needed a drink.” Poppy said as she tightened her grip around Aiden’s neck.
“I’m not mad, Pops.” Aiden sighed as he carried her to the bedroom and placed her upon the bed.
“Will you stay?” Poppy asked and buried her head into the pillow as he shook his head.
“I need to call the doctor, Pops but I will come back. Try to get some sleep.” Aiden replied before placing a gently kiss upon her hand.

On the doctors orders, Poppy spent the next couple of days bed ridden but for most of the time, Aiden had kept her company.

– I wrote this whilst suffering from a severe headache so I apologise it its not up to my usual standard and besides, I’m now writing for Aiden so yeah..sorry if he sounds ooc!


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