Gen 1- Chapter Thirty – Caleb’s birthday.

Alas Poppy had not been pregnant when she had taken the pregnancy test all those many months ago, still the couple had continued to attempt to conceive. During the last couple of months Aiden had become an uncle to a beautiful little girl called Rina, this had made Aiden begin to crave a daughter of his own.

“You have a cousin to look after now, son. Hopefully soon you will have a little brother or sister to look after aswell.” Aiden whispered gently as he gently rocked his son.

It had been nearing on almost a year since Poppy and Aiden had begun trying for another baby when Poppy had began to give up on conceiving. Pulling herself out of bed she began to feel immensely sick as the pungent smell of coffee lingering in the air, rushing to the bathroom Poppy began to heaved over the sink as she fumbled in the cupboard for a pregnancy test.

“Please be positive.” Poppy repeated several times as she sat on the toilet looking at the pregnancy test. Eventually the pregnancy revealed that she was indeed pregnant to which Poppy couldn’t help but laugh out in relieve.

Poppy’s second pregnancy had passed smoothly without any of the problems that she had experienced during her first pregnancy. However, near the end of her Pregnancy it was time to celebrate Caleb’s birthday.

Since it was also pancake day, Aiden had chosen to cook up a few batches of pancakes instead of his wife’s homemade chocolate cake. However Caleb was rather enthusiastic about the birthday cake that his mother had made him, especially since he had been told that he was the only one who could blow out the candles and make a wish because after all, it is his birthday.

After Caleb had made his wish and had eaten a slice of birthday cake, he sat upon the sofa and looked at his parents. Almost immediately Caleb began telling his parents about a picture that he had drawn earlier to for his little cousin Rina.

“I made Rina a picture today.” Caleb began and when his parents looked at him in curiosity, he continued. “I drew a castle and a mermaid and there was a rainbow.”
“Can I have a look?” Poppy asked and smiled as Caleb nodded and ran to get the picture. Looking down at the picture she noticed that the rainbow had been coloured in the correct colour of the rainbow. “Oh the rainbow is in the correct order, well done Cal.”
“Well it’s got to be perfect!” Caleb explained as he waved his arms around.

Later that evening and just moments before Caleb had to go to bed, he asked if he could feel his mother’s stomach. As he slowly touched his mother’s pregnant stomach Caleb yelped in shock as he felt the baby kicking.


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