Gen 1 – Chapter Twenty Eight – Rhiannon’s first grandbaby!

The next couple of months had passed by rather quickly and although Poppy was still rather worried over her mother’s health, the upcoming childbirth was beginning to worry her. Unfortunately, Rhiannon had still not told the twins about her health and not wanting to ruin the upcoming baby shower later that week, she decided that it would be best to tell the boys sooner rather than later.

Whilst Rhiannon was talking to the twin’s, Aiden and Poppy remained in their bedroom as they discussed baby names.

“I love the name Bella, it means beautiful in italian.” Poppy mentioned as she looked down at Aiden who was feeling his unborn child kicking.
“What makes you so certain we are having a daughter?” Aiden asked curiously.
“I’m not certain but I do think we are having a daddy’s girl.” Poppy laughed as Aiden raised and eyebrow to her.
“Perhaps we should still talk about boys names.” Aiden replied, having the feeling that they was having a son.
“Caleb!” Poppy said without hestitation, she was ademant on the name Caleb for a son.
“Caleb? Aiden replied uncertain of the name, it was rather close to his own brothers name however, the glint in his wife’s eye told him that there was more behind the name.
“Yes, Caleb. I have loved the name since I was a child.. you of all people should know that.”
“Tell me this isn’t because of your mad obsession with the Sim Dectectives as a child..what was that one you had a crush on called?” Aiden asked and sighed as Poppy nodded.
“Caleb McNutt.” Poppy admitted as she blushed furiously.

Later that night, Poppy couldn’t sleep. Feeling restless both Aiden and Poppy stayed awake later than usual. Whilst Aiden watched the re-runs of the Laurel and Hardy show, Poppy tried to destress by painting a playful picture. Sadly the painting was ruined as the first of many contractions had Poppy lose control of the paintbrush, resulting in a big thick smudge against the picture of the lion that was meant for the nursery. Hearing Poppy yelp out in pain, Aiden suddently fount himself going into pre-natal panic.

Poppy’s labour had been in full effect for at least sixteen hours and she was finding herself getting increasingly frustrated as she screamed with each passing contraction, luckily her baby was to be born at any minute.

As soon as the baby had been born, Aiden and Poppy had fount themselves smitten with the birth of their newly born son. However, after hours of trying to persaude Poppy to consider another name for their son, he finally gave in to the name.

As the new parents was ordered to spend a little time on their own without having to worry about their son. Rhiannon had the plasure of spending the day with her first grandson, Caleb.


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