Gen 1 – Chapter Twenty Nine – The first matriarch death.

A few months after the birth of Caleb, the Lachance household was to experience the death of the very first matriarch of the Legacy. Sadly Rhiannon had passed away during the night and only in the early hours of the morning had Poppy discovered her mother’s lifeless body at the foot of the front door.

“Aiden!” Poppy scream, immediately gaining the attention of Aiden who rushed into the room and paled as he looked at his mother in law.
“I’m so sorry, Pops.” Aiden said as he keeled down besides his mother in-law and checked her pulse. Slowly he looked at his sobbing wife before standing back up.
“No, no, no!” Poppy cried out as she sobbed for her mother.

As the Grim Reaper checked that he was collecting the correct sim to be delivered to the underworld, Aiden tried to comfort his wife however between her sobbing and pushing him away the only thing that he was able to do was to inform the family. First Aiden phoned and spoke to Poppy’s brothers and after listening to them sobbing, he proceeded to call his own family.

“Mom, I’ve got some bad news. Rhiannon’s passed away.” Aiden choked as he tried to hole back the tears.

For days Poppy spent most of her hours crying over the lost of her mother, however the presence of her son helped distracted her for a few short periods of time.

Eventually Aiden to managed to pull Poppy in to a hug, much to her distress. Up until now she had avoided his touch in fear that she wouldn’t be able to let go, however Aiden had been persistent and eventually he had been able to pull her into a hug which allowed him comfort her the was a husband was supposed to, Poppy felt safe in his arms but at the same time she was very angry.

“Let me go, Aiden!” Poppy yelled as she tried to pull away from her husband.
“No!” Aiden replied firmly.
“Let me go!” Poppy persisted as she struggled against Aiden’s hold before sobbing her heart out.
“I’ve got you, Pops.” Aiden whispered as he stroked her hair until he heard her sobbing subside into light breathing.

Noticing that Poppy had fallen to sleep, Aiden picked up his wife and carried her to the bedroom where she slept whilst he attended to Caleb in the front room.

It had been a few months since the funeral of Rhiannon had taken place and during that time, Poppy had chosen to wear black clothing in mourning for her mother.

“I never know what to say when I visit.” Poppy admitted as she approached the graves of her parents.
“Rhiannon, Dean. Your grandson as finally learned to sit up right without any support.” Aiden began speaking, which made Poppy smile slightly at him. Sometimes he was a goofball but the way he could take something scary and turned it sweet was one of the things she adored about him.
“Caleb will be speaking soon and if he is anything like his daddy, he won’t be able to shut up.” Poppy humoured as she turned to face the graves, slowly her humour faded as she looked towards the graves.
“Poppy!” Aiden said concerning as his wife body became limp, luckily he was able to catch her before she had collapsed on the ground.
“I don’t know what happened, I suddenly became rather light-headed.”

A few days later, Aiden arrived at his parent in-laws graves to find his wife staring into nothingness.

“Pops?” Aiden asked as he stood besides his wife.
“How would you feel about us having another baby?” Poppy asked after a few moments as she tried to avoid eye contact.
“Are you?” Aiden asked carefully, he wasn’t opposed to having another child so soon however, Poppy had been the one to insist on waiting a few years.
“I don’t know, maybe. I mean I don’t just collapse for any reason.” Poppy replied as she finally looked at her husband, he showed not expression which led her to continue. “Either way, I would like us to have another baby.”


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