Gen 1 – Chapter Twenty Seven – We do! – At midnight.

Poppy lay awake that night thinking of her conversation with her mother, if she was honest with herself she had been noticing the signs with her mothers health but she didn’t want to see what was truly happening.

“Pops?” Aiden asked as he was rudely awakened by Poppy’s tossing and turning.
“Did I awake you?” Poppy asked as she turned her face to look at him.
“Yes but I was being chased by Meagan the moody cowplant.” Aiden shrugged as he smiled but as he began to wake up, he noticed that sometime was different with his furture bride his smile faded. “Pops? Are you alright?”
“No.” Poppy admited as she wiped the tears from her cheeks, tears that she hadn’t noticed had fallen uptil now.
“Are you in pain? Is it the baby?” Aiden asked and sighed in releif as she shook her head. “Then what is it?”
“It’s mom. She said..she said that she might not be alive much longer.” Poppy replied, her voice strained by the falling tears. “What if she doesn’t get to see us married or see our baby?”
“Well then, lets make sure your mom gets to see us exchange our vows.” Aiden said as he jumped out of the bed and went over to the wardrobe.
“What are you doing?” Poppy asked as she watched Aiden search through his side of the wardrobe before he pulled out a suite covered bag. Slowly she smiled as she realised what Aiden was proposing, quickly she climbed out of bed and went to wake her mother up.

Within an hour Poppy, Aiden and Rhiannon stood outside near the wedding arch.

“I didn’t expect it to be this cold.” Aiden shivered as he stood near the arch and looked at his soon to be wife.
“This was your idea.” Poppy teased before laughing at his facial expression.

Once Aiden and Poppy and finished teasing one another the small private wedding began, Poppy whispered to Aiden how much she loved him for dragging her out in the freezing cold so that her mother could witness their wedding.

Rhiannon couldn’t help but tear up at the sight of her daughter and son in law taking their vows, it reminded her of her own wedding with Dean. It made her a little sad that Dean wasn’t alive to see his daughter take her vows but she knew that her husband would of been proud of their daughter.

“Poppy Lachance as stand in front of the holy plumbob, I commit my life to making you happy.” Aiden spoke clearly as he held Poppy’s had gently.
“Aiden Payne as I stand in fron of the holy plumbob, I commit my life to making you happy.” Poppy softly recited as she kept eye contact with him.

Once the short vows had been read, Aiden kissed Poppy’s hands as they asked each other if they took each other as theirs.

“Will you also take me as you husband?” Aiden asked as he kissed her hand once more.
“I will.” Poppy replied without hestitation. “Will you also take me as your wife?”
“I will.” Aiden replied after a few playful moments.

Once the ‘I will’ part of the ceremony was complete, Aiden pulled out Poppy’s wedding ring and placed it upon Poppy’s hand. Smiling brightly at her ruby ring, Poppy asked Rhiannon for Aiden’s ring before placing it upon his finger.

Rhiannon couldn’t help herself by yelling. “Kiss her already.” Which caused the newly weds to laugh in a mixture of embarassment and happiness, slowly but with their hearts beating extremely fast, the newlyweds took their first kiss as husband and wife.


2 thoughts on “Gen 1 – Chapter Twenty Seven – We do! – At midnight.

  1. cmbaker16 says:

    *sniffle* it’s such a lovely wedding ceremony *sniffle* I always knew this day would come.

    and Raven would like to make a complaint for not being told…she wants all the details from Rhiannon later :P


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