Gen 1 – Chapter Twenty Six – Rhiannon’s news.

Over the next couple of months, Poppy’s body had slowly adjusted to the pregnancy and with the help of her mom she has started to look for the perfect wedding dress

“I don’t want anything too fancy.” Poppy stated as they flicked through the photos that was cataloged on the Bridal Diva app.
“I also see that you don’t won’t a traditional white dress.” Rhiannon commented after seeing the sixth dress in a row that wasn’t very traditional.
“I do but since I’m pregnant and already showing, I would look rather silly.” Poppy answered as a slight blush coloured her cheeks.
“You would look beautiful.” Rhiannon commented which prompted her daughter to shrug. “Oh this is pretty.”
“I do like that, oh but look at the price.” Poppy sighed as she began to feel very emotional over not finding the perfect dress.

Watching her daughter put the phone away as she tried to hide her dissapointment, Rhiannon wondered how she could help her daughter. Suddenly she thought of the masterpiece that she had recently created and although it would only cover half of the price of the dress, she was willing to sell it to make her daughter happy. Hugging her daughter she reassured her that she would have her perfect dress and not to worry in the meantime.

The plan was simply, both woman would paint to earn enough money to pay for the rest of the wedding dress.

By the time Rhiannon and Poppy had earnt enough money for the wedding dress, Poppy was nearing six months pregnant.

“I’m absolutely huge!” Poppy groaned as she felt her baby kicking.
“You are positively glowing, Poppy.” Rhiannon reassured as she placed her hand upon her daughter’s pregnancy bump.
“You feel that?” Poppy asked as she tried not to laugh with her childs temper.
“A little fiesty today, arn’t you grandbaby.” Rhiannon asked as the baby continued to kick.
“No, bub knows that daddy is near.” Poppy admitted as she spotted Aiden walking towards the house. “I’m guessing i’m having a daddy’s girl after all.”

The next couple of days had been rather uneventful for the soon to be parents however Rhiannon had been feeling slightly unwell and decided it was time to talk to her daughter.

“There will come a day when I will pass away and you will need to look after the house and make sure that your brothers are ok.” Rhiannon began but stopped speaking as Poppy gasped in shock.
“Don’t say things like that mom, you are still young and you havent even met your grandchild yet.” Poppy spoke slowly and softly as she tried not to cry at the thought of her mother dying, she still hadn’t come to terms with her father’s death.
“It will happen, Poppy. Maybe not straight away but it will happen and it will happen soon.” Rhiannon replied after her daughter looked up at her.
“Are you sick?” Poppy asked as she began to fear the worse.
“A little.” Rhiannon replied softly not having the heart to tell her daughter about her aching bones.

Rhiannon wasn’t sure how to comfort her daughter as she cried, especially since her attempts to hug her had been rejected.


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