Gen 1 – Chapter Thirty One – In the last couple of years.

Not much had happened in the Lachance over the last couple of years except that Poppy had given birth to another boy who the couple had named Reece and was now expecting her third child. During the first couple of months of her pregnancy, Poppy had spent most of her time painting. However, after she looked at her most recent creation she had a sudden feeling of  Déjà vu.

The last couple of weeks of Poppy’s pregnancy had seemed to drag on, luckily Aiden had recently gain another promotion which meant that the family would have a little more money but would also mean that Aiden would need to spend more time levelling up his logic skill.

As soon as Reece had grew up a little, Caleb had been happy to spend time with his younger brother and although the boys got along most of the time, Reece could sometimes be very annoying which would cause the brothers to argue.

“Caleb? Caleb? Caleb?” Reece yelled as he shook his brother as they sat on the sofa watching Deal or No Deal.
“What?” Caleb eventually asked as he turned to his brother.
“This is boring!” Reece moaned as he tried to grab the television remote.
“Take the deal Nina!” Celeb advised as he leaned forward on the sofa much to the displeasure of Reece. “No! I told you Nina, now you leave with nothing!”
“Mommy! Caleb won’t let me watch Brains vs. Hippy!” Reece called as he jumped off the sofa and tried to run to his mom but unfortunately Caleb was able stop his brother.

Soon enough Poppy’s waters had broken and baby number three was on the way.

“Aiden, wake up. I’ve having the baby.” Poppy groaned between the contractions.
“I’m awake, I’m awake.” Aiden yawned as he began climbing out of bed.

After a few weeks of trying to come up a name for their daughter, the couple had settled on the name Arielle. Arielle’s brothers was insanely smitten with her as was her parents but Reece had been the only one who could settle her whenever she cried after having her bottle.

“Incy wincy plumbob climbed on top of your head, down came the meteorite and turned it a deep shade of red.”  Reece sang as he watched his little sister slowly fall to sleep.
“Your singing it wrong!” Caleb replied as he watched his favourite game show.
“Hush, you will wake her up.” Reece replied as he brought his index finger to his lips.


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