Gen 1: Chapter Thirty Five – The Granite falls night

Before long, Arielle’s birthday was approaching and since she had become more willing to spend her time outside, Poppy decided to take her on a weekend camping trip at Granite falls. Whilst Poppy set up the tent, Arielle tried out a game of horseshoes.

As nighttime approached, Arielle waited for the night insect to appear as the park ranger had given her a booklet of insects that she could catch and trait in for simoleons.

Grossed out by the ground insects, Arielle choose to catch the butterflies instead. However, this turned out to be extremely challenging due to the fluttering wings.

When Arielle did not return after taking the insects to be traded in at the park rangers booth, Poppy began to worry that her daughter had sneakily run off to explore the forbidden cave. Preparing herself for the worse, Poppy stormed towards the forbidden cave in search of her daughter.

As Poppy pulled back the leaves of the cave, she let out a sigh of relieve as she saw her daughter standing in the cave looking absolutely terrified.

“Home?” Arielle squeaked, trying to find her breath.
“You heard me Arielle, pack up your things.” Poppy yelled as she walked back to the campsite.
“Just wait until I get a hold of that voodoo doll.” Arielle muttered under her breath as she watched her mother walk away.

Gen 1: Chapter Thirty Four – Astronaut Arielle

The next couple of years flew by within a blink of an eye Caleb had become a teenager who spent most of his time avoiding his younger siblings. Instead he spent most of his time near the river bank studying for his upcoming exams.

Although Arielle was good-natured, she couldn’t help but find joy in trolling the forums.

Whilst her brothers did their homework, Arielle spent most of her time on the computer much to her parents annoyance. The only thing that Arielle’s parents could do to get her off the computer was send her to hidden springs for the weekend, so that she could spend time with her cousins and hopefully get some fresh air.

The following morning Arielle had been dropped off at the park with her twin cousins Brandon and Jeremy and as she watched her cousins play in the park, Arielle couldn’t help sulk since she rather be at home playing Mafia Sims on the forum, instead of standing in a dusty park. Sighing in defeat she play playing on the spaceship…

“Explorer Arielle this is Hidden Springs.” Arielle mimicked the international space station simbot.
“Go ahead Hidden Springs.” Arielle replied with a slight chuckle.
“There appears to be two large plumbobs flashing on our indicator, we need you investigate.”

Quickly Arielle jumped off the toy ship and climbed into ship and began steering the wheel as she pretended to dodge asteroids.

Soon enough Arielle had forgot all about Sim Mafia and trolling on the computer as she was having so much fun playing make-believe and as Arielle went to sleep that night, the thoughts of growing up to become an astronaut began to fill her mind.

Gen 1 – Chapter Thirty Three – Camping

Luckily for Arielle, her parents had allowed her to go camping in the back garden with her brothers.

“This is how you make a proper toasted marshmallow.” Arielle said cheerfully as she looked at her toasted pink marshmallow on the wooden stick.
“So I get it out when it’s nearly beginning to golden?” Reece asked as he watched his marshmallow beginning to become toasty.
“Yes or you will end up with a burnt marshmallow.” Arielle replied not noticing that Caleb was looking sadly at his burnt marshmallow.

It just so happened that Arielle accidentally burnt the next one as she listed to Reece tell a ghost story, after looking at the marshmallow in caution for a few moments she merely shrugged and shoved the marshmallow to her mouth.

Trying to get the aftertaste of the burnt marshmallow out of her mouth, Arielle sat watching her brothers continue to snack on toasted marshmallows and becoming rather tired in the process. In attempts to subside her yawns, Arielle toasted another marshmallow and sadly due to her tiredness, went on to eat it without allowing it to cool first.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Arielle hissed as she tried to make a fan with moving her hands backwards and forwards which caused a fit of laughter from her brothers.

As all three children began to feel tired, Arielle proposed a scary bedtime story.

“Once upon a time there was a Pumpkin Queen.” Arielle began much to the displeasure of her brothers.
“Pumpkin queen’s aren’t even scary!” Caleb huffed as he stood up.
“Well the story will be scary since she gets cursed!” Arielle rebuked and smirks as this seem to perk her brother’s interest.
“Cursed into what?” Reece asked curiously.
“A mummy!” Arielle growled as she did the movements of a movements of a mummy trying to capture him.

So with the curiosity of the Pumpkin Queen becoming cursed into a mummy, the boys stood listening to the story. Unfortunately, Arielle was rather upset when her brothers  began laughing at her once she had finished the story.

It was understandable that Arielle would feel sad since she had been laughed at by her brothers. Feeling immensely hurt, Arielle stood up and went into the tent.

Gen 1 – Chapter Thirty Two – Arielle

Soon enough Arielle grew up to become an adorable child who spent most of her days playing on the family monkey bars.

When Arielle wasn’t playing out on the monkey bars she was working on her school homework, however this was only achieved if Poppy promted her to do it.

Although Arielle’s maternal grandfather had passed away before she had been born, Arielle had developed a common love for fishing.  Unfortanely Arielle had not been very fortunate in finding any fish but rather logs and other bits of tat, to which she spend the evening screaming as she dodged the junk that flew out of the river.

Before she knew it, the sky had become rather dark and Arielle knew that she would be in trouble with her parents. Hoping to sneak home and into her room without being seen, Arielle placed down her fishing rod down and turned to walk home. Unfortantly her mother was standing a few yards away from her and looking rather annoyed.

“Arielle Rhiannon Lachance” Poppy scolded as she folded her arms and looked at her blushing daughter. “What time do you call this?”
“I didn’t mean to lose track of time, I’m sorry mommy.” Arielle replied as she held her arms behind her back.
“Don’t mommy me, Arielle. Your father is worried sick about you.” Poppy said not noticing that her voice was higher than usual causing Arielle to step backwards in slight fear. “I was worried sick about you.”
“I know.” Arielle sighed as she took her hand away from her face.
“You are so much like your Uncle Callum.” Poppy replied before pointing in the direction of their house. “Home now and pray to Plumbob that you father doesn’t stop you from going camping with your brothers.”

Arielle had spent the following morning locked in the bathroom, she felt ashamed. Trying to hold back the tears, Arielle began to make funny faces to cheer herself up however this only made her feel worse.

Having such lovely brothers, Arielle had been coaxed out of the bathroom with the promise that she could hold the tv remote and that they would agree to watch any show that their sister wanted to watch. So for the entire day, the three young Lachance’s watched ‘The adventures of the pink fairy called Charlotte.’

Ever since her mother had scolded her for saying out late, Arielle couldn’t stop thinking of her grandmother Rhiannon who she shared her middle name with. It had been a while since she had visited her grandmother’s grave and although she had never met her, Arielle couldn’t help but feel close to her grandmother.

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