Gen 1: Chapter Thirty Five – The Granite falls night

Before long, Arielle’s birthday was approaching and since she had become more willing to spend her time outside, Poppy decided to take her on a weekend camping trip at Granite falls. Whilst Poppy set up the tent, Arielle tried out a game of horseshoes.

As nighttime approached, Arielle waited for the night insect to appear as the park ranger had given her a booklet of insects that she could catch and trait in for simoleons.

Grossed out by the ground insects, Arielle choose to catch the butterflies instead. However, this turned out to be extremely challenging due to the fluttering wings.

When Arielle did not return after taking the insects to be traded in at the park rangers booth, Poppy began to worry that her daughter had sneakily run off to explore the forbidden cave. Preparing herself for the worse, Poppy stormed towards the forbidden cave in search of her daughter.

As Poppy pulled back the leaves of the cave, she let out a sigh of relieve as she saw her daughter standing in the cave looking absolutely terrified.

“Home?” Arielle squeaked, trying to find her breath.
“You heard me Arielle, pack up your things.” Poppy yelled as she walked back to the campsite.
“Just wait until I get a hold of that voodoo doll.” Arielle muttered under her breath as she watched her mother walk away.


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