Gen 1: Chapter Thirty Four – Astronaut Arielle

The next couple of years flew by within a blink of an eye Caleb had become a teenager who spent most of his time avoiding his younger siblings. Instead he spent most of his time near the river bank studying for his upcoming exams.

Although Arielle was good-natured, she couldn’t help but find joy in trolling the forums.

Whilst her brothers did their homework, Arielle spent most of her time on the computer much to her parents annoyance. The only thing that Arielle’s parents could do to get her off the computer was send her to hidden springs for the weekend, so that she could spend time with her cousins and hopefully get some fresh air.

The following morning Arielle had been dropped off at the park with her twin cousins Brandon and Jeremy and as she watched her cousins play in the park, Arielle couldn’t help sulk since she rather be at home playing Mafia Sims on the forum, instead of standing in a dusty park. Sighing in defeat she play playing on the spaceship…

“Explorer Arielle this is Hidden Springs.” Arielle mimicked the international space station simbot.
“Go ahead Hidden Springs.” Arielle replied with a slight chuckle.
“There appears to be two large plumbobs flashing on our indicator, we need you investigate.”

Quickly Arielle jumped off the toy ship and climbed into ship and began steering the wheel as she pretended to dodge asteroids.

Soon enough Arielle had forgot all about Sim Mafia and trolling on the computer as she was having so much fun playing make-believe and as Arielle went to sleep that night, the thoughts of growing up to become an astronaut began to fill her mind.


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