Gen 1 – Chapter Thirty seven – The next seven months.

The next couple of days had been rather silent in the Lachance household, the death of Aiden had been a shock for everyone who knew him. Telling Arielle had been hardest for Poppy, as the teen had blamed herself.

“If we wasn’t arguing over my behaviour, Dad would still be here.” Arielle choked as she tried to hold back the tears.
“There just is something about cowplants and the Payne’s.” Poppy sighed as she wiped a tear away.
“Is that what happened to Uncle Seth?” Arielle asked as she stared at the wall.
“It is. Arielle. You know, daughters argue with their mothers all the time, its part of being a teenager. You shouldn’t blame yourself, if it was anybody’s fault. It was mine, you  father and I had been so distracted recently.”
“Why was you both distracted, was it because of how I’ve been acting.” Arielle asked softly.
“The recent death of your uncle had been really hard on Aiden. We have lost so many family members recently.” Poppy replied solemnly
“I know mom, I liked Uncle Callum. He gave me my first voodoo doll.” Arielle laughed lightly.
“Funnily enough, he gave me mine too.” Poppy replied with a gently smile.

Caleb had also taken the news of his father’s death badly, luckily he had the emotional support of his girlfriend. Caleb and Lucy had started dating a few months before his father’s death and they had recently moved in together.

As the months passed by, Poppy had spent most of her time morning the deaths of her parents and husband. Poppy knew that her husband’s death was an accident but she couldn’t help but feel annoyed at being a widow at such a young age, the thought of remarrying or even falling in love with another man felt wrong. Aiden had been her one true love, her only love and the father of her children but she wasn’t ready to face the future alone.

Eventually Poppy had accepted that she would have to raise her newborn baby on her own, however she continued to mourn for Aiden on a daily basis.

Seven months after Aiden’s death, baby Kyle was born and it appeared that the relationship between mother and daughter was now a more peaceful one.


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