Gen 1 – Chapter Thirty Six – Everything is out of control.

The next five years had passed by in a foggy dazed and in that time both of the younger children had grew up into teens. Reece had managed to get himself a part-time job down at Fenny’s, the local burger joint. During his free time, Reece spent tending to the garden but mostly he would spend time with Meagan the cowplant.

Once Arielle had become a teen, Poppy had passed down the family necklace and although she loved her daughter dearly the relationship between mother and daughter was a rather strained one. It had come to a point that neither one of them could talk to one another without an argument starting, the only thing that could calm Arielle after an argument was doing laps in the family pool.

Arielle had somehow become a dastardly teen which was masking the good in her, she loved the thrill of being mean to people, especially those who had been mean to her in the past and would often fight with her childhood bully, Amie.

On many occasions Poppy would attempt to communicate with her daughter and it would lead to yet another argument, but after Arielle’s latest antics, Poppy needed to try to get through to her rebellious daughter.

“Do we have to keep having the same conversion, over and over again?” Arielle groaned.
“Yes because you are not listening.” Poppy replied, her voice trying not to sound as annoyed as she felt.
“I’m listening now, aren’t I?” Arielle rebuked as she rolled her eyes.
“Arielle, I don’t know how much of this behaviour I can take.” Poppy sighed.
“Ugh, I’m not hurting anyone! I’m just having fun with my friends.” Arielle yelled as she grabbed her hair in frustration.
“Amie’s mother called me the other day, apparently Amie arrived home crying because you had provoked her.” Poppy spoke as she tried to take calming breaths.
“Amie deserved it, she bullied me when we was younger. She made my life a living hell.” Arielle snapped in defence for her actions.
“So now you bully her in revenge?” Poppy snapped back, in frustration.
“I don’t have to listen to this.” Arielle huffed as she got up.

However, Poppy had already anticipated her daughters move and had managed to block her daughter off.

“Mom, move out the way.” Arielle moaned as she tried to get passed her mother.
“No, you are out of control.” Poppy replied as she shook her head.
“You want to see out of control, fine!” Arielle yelled as she picked up the simonade soda cup and threw the drink at her mother.

Due to all the arguments, Caleb had decided to move out and Reece had begun spending more time down at his brother’s house, which had the garden becoming abandoned. Sadly this meant that Meagan had been neglected and she would spend her days trying to tempt foolish sims into eating the cake, it was by lack of concentration that would have Aiden become that foolish sim.


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