Gen 1 – Chapter Fourty one – Finishing school

On her way home from school, Arielle had bumped into her uncle Logan who she hadn’t seen in a few months due to her upcoming school exams which was only a few weeks away.

Strangely enough on the same day, Reece had bumped into uncle Lewis. Unfortunately Reece wasn’t in the socializing mood and so their catch up was rather brief.

Once Arielle had finished school, she had become a part-time babysitter during the summer whilst she considered her options.

Over the next couple of years, Poppy had managed to get a promotion and so with the help of Arielle and Reece’s income, she was able to pay her bills on time and her family could finally enjoy a meal in front of the television without worrying if the power was going to suddenly cut off.

As Kyle got older, he had become more cheeky and would play up Reece, on a daily basis.

“Reece as a girlfriend! Reece as a girlfriend!” Kyle sang in a obnoxious tone.
“I do not!” Reece snapped as he placed his hands upon his hips.
“I do not!” Kyle mimicked his brother which infuriated his brother immensely, which begs the question. Does Reece have a girlfriend?


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