Gen 1 – Chapter Fourty – Poppy’s first grandchild

Soon enough it was time for Lucy to give birth to Poppy’s first grandchild and as predicted, Lucy was accompanied by Arielle.  Even though Lucy was grateful to have Arielle accompany her to the hospital she couldn’t help but wish that it was Caleb who was there for her instead.

It wasn’t long until Lucy had been admitted into the maternity ward where she would then be taken to the delivery room.

“Just take deep breaths Lucy and your baby will be born soon.” The doctor said calmly as Lucy began to panic.

After a few hours, Lucy’s baby had entered the world much to the relief of the new mother who laughed as she heard her baby cry for the first time.

Once Lucy had been checked over by the doctor and was given the all clear, Lucy met her son who she decided to name Wyatt.

As soon as mother and baby arrived home, Caleb instantly became smitten with his son and whilst Lucy got some rest the new father took care of the baby.

Over the next couple of weeks, Poppy spent most of her time catching sneaky cuddles with her grandson as his parents spent some time together.

“You look just like your father did when he was a baby.” Poppy coo’d as she fed her grandson.


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