Gen 1- Chapter Thirty eight – Goobleck

Although Arielle had somewhat grew out of her dastardly ways towards Lachance household. However, the temptation to be mischievous and dastardly towards others was too good an opportunity to pass up.

“You know, I have often heard that Goobleck is a secret spice that is added into spaghetti.” Reece said one day as he sat talking to his brother Kyle.
“Who told you that?” Kyle asked curiously, he looked up to his brother but sometimes he wasn’t sure if his brother was playing him up or actually believed everything he heard.
“Hevva!” Reece said dreamily as he thought about Hevva.

Since Aiden had died, Poppy had struggled to provide for her family and unfortunately whilst she was at work the Landgraab power supply had been cut off.

“I think mom forgot to pay the bills.” Reece muttered under his breath but sadly his said it loud enough for his sister to hear.
“She didn’t forget Reece.” Poppy snapped as she pulled out her key and sighed. “We need to think of a way of getting the power back on before mom gets home.”

The lack of power in the Lachance household did put a damper on Kyle’s mood, for when he went to the toilet he was able to pee like a champion and grin like one too.

In the boy’s bedroom, Arielle watched Kyle doing his homework for a few moments before she sat besides him and pulled out her own homework.

“What if mom can’t afford to pay the bills?” Kyle asked after a few moments. Noticing that Arielle was trying to avoid eye contact he continued. “Will we lose the house?”
“No, of course not. Mom will find the money, don’t worry.” Arielle reassured him as she placed her arm around her little brother.
“Reece said that Goobleck is in Spaghetti.. What is Goobleck?” Kyle asked and laughed as his sister shook her head as she brought her hand to her face. “And whats Hevva?”
“Not what but rather whom.” Arielle replied as she laughed softly.

(Note: Reece is in swim wear in the toilet shot.)


3 thoughts on “Gen 1- Chapter Thirty eight – Goobleck

  1. tanubanue says:

    Lol Goobleck was something I used to use to play with with my students when I was a special education teacher. A really fun mix of corn starch and water. If you never played with it it’s awesome! :)


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