Gen 2 – Chapter Fourty five – A Grim encounter

Deciding that she wasn’t quite ready to attempt to rebuild a new rocket, Arielle decided that she would dabble in the dating scene. Luckily Russell, who was her co-worker was still interested in dating her. Although, during their date the Grim Reaper entered the Blue Velvet and his presence captivated Arielle’s attention.

Feeling flirty, Arielle took a risk and began to flirt with the Grim Reaper and apparently the grim reaper was quite flattered.

“So what brings your handsome self here on this vibrant night.” Arielle asked as she attempted to flutter her eyelashes.
“You know, same old same old. Reaping souls and having to listen to people cry.” The Grim Reaper replied.
“And here I was thinking that you was here for me.” Arielle replied in a flirty tone but as she noticed him get out his simpad, she started to panic.
“Shannen Foster?” The Grim Reaper relied and laughed in a husky tone as Arielle shook her head whilst letting out a sigh in relief.
“Arielle, Arielle Lachance.” Arielle replied slowly.
“I’ll be seeing you again soon, Ari-elle.” The Grim Reaper whispered as he leaned in close to Arielle and vanished.

For the next couple of weeks Arielle visited the Blue Velvet on a daily basis where she would meet up with the Grim Reaper and during that time they had become rather close.

Knowing that the Grim Reaper was rather shy with having his photo taken, Arielle waited until she had gotten to know him better. However, by the time the Grim Reaper had agreed to have his photo taken, Arielle had already started to fall in love.


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