Gen 2 – Chapter Fourty four – Rocket Science

It had taken some time to build, but eventually Arielle had built a well made rocket ship. Once all the inspections on the rocket ship had passed with flying plumbobs, Arielle was allowed to finally take her first trip in search for planet Sixam.

After a small turotial on how to operate the rocket ship, Arielle prepared herself for the rocky ride.

Returning home a short time later, Arielle could not explain the adrenaline that pumped through her veins but she knew that she would be going back into space as soon as she possibly could.

As Arielle got more confident with each smooth sailing trip into space, she was able to bring more items back home to sell. However, she knew that it was only a matter of time until she would come across a problem up in space. Sadly, Arielle was right and upon her return from battling with a terrestrial being, her rocket collided with a asteroid and the results was devastating.

Slowly Arielle awoke and fount her self struggling to climb out from under the rumble of the damaged rocket, gasping for air as pain shot within her stomach she was able to escape.


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