Gen 2 – Chapter Fourty six – Falling in love

Arielle had fallen in love with Rick Posey who she had met whilst she had been waiting for the Grim Reaper to show up. Unlike the Grim Reaper, Rick loved having his photo taken with Arielle.

Rather quickly Arielle’s relationship with Rick progressed rather quickly and soon enough, the couple had spent many nights together before Rick finally agreed to moved in.

Like Arielle, Rick had an interest in space and so on a few occasions the couple had travelled into space together.

During one of their trips into space both Arielle and Rick had confessed their love for one another.

As their relationship had started to get serious, Arielle had discovered that Rick was hiding a secret and so instead of allowing all the terrible scenarios to cloud her mind, Arielle decided to approach Rick on the secret.

“Are you keeping something from me?” Arielle asked as they sat upon the bed, later that evening.
“I wondered when you would find out.” Rick hesitated as he avoided eye contact with the love of his life.
“Do you want to tell me what it is?” Arielle trembled as she looked at Rick.”Or should I guess?”
“Your feeling might change, towards me.” Rick spoke softly after a few moments.
“I might be angry but my feelings won’t change, not within a minute.” Arielle reassured.

Rick took a deep breath before revealing his secret to Arielle.


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