Gen 2 – Chapter Fourty three – Bridesmaid Arielle

A lot of things had changed over the next couple of years, one being that Caleb and Lucy had decided to get married after all and the other was that their son Wyatt, had grown up into a child.

The wedding was just a small and quick ceremony but Arielle had loved every minute of being a bridesmaid. Reece had been asked to be the best man and both Kyle and Wyatt was to take turns with the page-boy role so that neither boy got jealous.

Once the wedding was over, Lucy greeted the guests whilst Arielle and Poppy hugged each other and told each other that they loved one another. Caleb decided to take a quick nap on the bench, the wedding must have exhausting him.

“It will soon be you finding love and getting married.” Poppy whispered in her daughters ear, making the young woman blush.
“Mom!” Arielle groaned but couldn’t help but smile.

Soon after Arielle felt her being dragged to a room by her sister in law, once there Arielle placed the burger that she had been eating back on the plate and sat down.

“You look so pretty Luce.” Arielle said with a bright smile.
“Thank-you, you look very beautiful too, sister.” Lucy replied softly. “As the wedding stirred you to find true love?”
“Not true love, no. I have considered dating though, there is a guy from work who is kind of cute.” Arielle replied.
“Perhaps he will be the one and you will settle down with a family, so that my little baby will have someone to play with.” Lucy said with a mischievous glint in her eye as she touched her stomach.
“Wyatt would be a teen by the time I have a child. Oh! Are you pregnant again? Arielle asked, a slight laugh escaping her lips.
“A few weeks, Caleb is over the moon.” Lucy gushed with a grin.

Whilst the new sister in law’s chatted, Wyatt and his uncle Kyle played on the pirate ship. Where Wyatt began shouting and demanding his uncle to steer the wheel as they was heading for Llamaland, much the guests amusement.


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