Gen 2 – Chapter Fourty two – Infllama

It turned out that Reece did not have a girlfriend but was smitten with his friend Ember. Often they would meet at the park to discuss a favourite hobby that they both shared, astronomy.

“Did you hear what Hevva said on the simcast last night?” Ember asked as she sat down next to Reece and smiled brightly.
“About Goobleck?” Reece asked in slight confusion.
“No, I already knew all about Goobleck. I’m talking about Sixam.” Ember replied and when Reece shook his head, she continued. “Well Hevva states that all we need to do is get §1000 simoleons for the starter pack.”
“Are you getting one?” Reece asked curiously.
“Of course.” Ember answered brightly.

Once the sky had darkerened, the friends stargazed together. Both Ember and Reece took turns in asking questions about astronomy and eventually, they made it into a game of trivia.

Soon it was time for Reece and Ember to go back to their own home but before they said goodbye, the friends took a picture together.

Some weeks later, Arielle returned home to discover that Reece had dipped into the family funds and brought the Sixam starter park.

“You have got to be kidding me! Reece, we don’t have the money for this!” Arielle yelled causing Reece to back away from his angry sister. “If mom finds out.”
“She won’t and this will make us money, I promise.” Reece said as he tried to calm his sister down, deep down he know why she was angry but he was certain of his knowledge of astronomy.
“It better.” Arielle said as she stormed off, when out of sight she couldn’t help but contain her excitement for the starter pack, like her brother she was rather interested in astrology.

The next couple of months, Arielle spent most of her time working on the rocket and during that time, she had seemed to have caught a nasty case of Infllama.


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