Gen 2 – Chapter Fifty – The future heir

It wasn’t long before Arielle went into labour and instead of following her mother and grandmother of having her child at home, the couple decided that it would be safer to have the baby in hospital since they was now specialising in alien delivery. Unfortunately, this extra precaution did not stop Rick from going into pre-parental panic.

Once checked into the hospital, Arielle was directed to the delivery suite. Although she did struggle to walk to the room with the constant contractions.

After a few hours of being in the delivery room, Arielle could feel that her baby would be born and the fear of having an alien as a child terrified her.

“Don’t be scared, I have delivered many babies in this room.” The nurse reassured “Even alien babies, do don’t worry.”
‘How can I not worry!’ Arielle thought as another contraction shot through her.

A short while later, Arielle listened to the sound of her baby crying. Standing up she walked over to her child and as she looked down at her purple baby, tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Do you have a name for your baby yet?” The nurse asked as she walked back into the room and noticed that Arielle was looking down at the newborn child.
“Luna, I’ve chosen Luna.”
“Ah, Luna which means moon, it is very fitting. In Sixam the moon is in fact purple.” The nurse replied as she came over and looked down at the child.

It was as if by magic that Luna had teleported herself home, Rick had informed Arielle that this would happen and so when it did, Arielle could not believe her eyes as where her baby lay there was just an array of sparkles.

– Note: I honestly have no idea if Sixam’s moon is in fact purple, it’s just for story telling.


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