Gen 2 – Chapter Fifty two – Arielle’s wedding

A few years after Luna had been born, Arielle and Rick decided that they had been engaged long enough and decided that now was the perfect time to exchange their vows and so on a sunny afternoon in the middle of summer, both Arielle and Rick made their way to the family wedding arch.

Not knowing the marital custom, Rick attempted to kiss Arielle before the wedding was complete but luckily Arielle had anticipated that her groom would attempt this so she quickly turned her head to the side and as his lips collided with her cheek, she couldn’t help but giggle in amusement.

Once Arielle had quickly told him what he was supposed to do, Rick took her hand and began to recite his vows.

“Under the watchful eye of Sixam, I take Arielle Lachance to be my wife. To be my light when I am trapped in the darkness, to be my strength when I am weak, to be my guide when I am lost but most of all, to be the woman who stands before me. Arielle, you have given me so much in the time that I have known you, you are the mother of my child and the reason my heart beats every day. I love you with all of my heart and ask you to be mine.” Rick said as he slowly slid the wedding ring upon Arielle’s finger.
“I give you this ring under the eyes of the holy plumbob as a token of my love for the man who you are, not the man who stands before me as a human nor as the man who is from Sixam but the man who as captured my heart in a way that no other man will, the man that makes my stomach flutter when I look into his soul, the man who as blessed me with not only our beautiful daughter but the man who makes my life worth living. I love you with all my heart and ask you to be mine.” Arielle spoke softly as she placed the wedding ring upon Rick’s finger.

It was a private and small wedding but Arielle and Rick couldn’t be happier as they kissed to confirm their love for one another.

Feeling that their daughter would like to see a picture of her parents on their special day, the couple took a picture of themselves.


2 thoughts on “Gen 2 – Chapter Fifty two – Arielle’s wedding

  1. cmbaker16 says:

    All caught up…though I though I was caught up but you were busy as it turns out LOL…OMG! Luna’s an alien or part Alien can’t wait to see her as a child :)


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