Gen 2 – Chapter Forty eight – Death of our second heir

A sad fate had been descended upon our second heir, for Poppy had began to feel immense shame over losing control over her bladder.

Kyle had been washing the dishes when he heard his mother collapse on to the floor. As he approached, his heart pounded in fear and as he looked down at his mother, tears fell from his eyes.

Hearing Kyle’s sobs for help, Arielle rushed out of her room and come face to face with her old friend the Grim Reaper.

“Grim, please.” Arielle pleaded but the Grim would not listen.
“She failed to find me the death flower..I cannot spare her life.” Grim Reaper replied gruffly.
“Please Grim, we are friends.” Arielle begged but as she noticed the Grim Reaper looking at her stomach, she sighed. “Let my mother meet her grandchild.”

The Grim Reaper took a few moments to think about what Arielle had said and for a moment, Arielle seemed hopeful. However, when the Grim Reaper spoke all hope was lost.

“Your child will repay her debt or I will take their child before it’s their time.” Grim reaper informed and as he looked at Arielle she slowly nodded before he took Poppy’s soul and vanished.

Once Poppy’s grave had been placed in the family grave yard, Arielle visited her parents and grandparents graves.

“We will find the Death flower.” Arielle sighed as she wiped away a tear.


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