Gen 2 – Chapter Forty seven – What do you think?

“I’ll leave.” Rick said as he stood up to leave, when Arielle just stared at him in his alien form.
“Leave?” Arielle asked as stopped him at the door and placed her hand upon his purple cheek. “Why would I want you to leave?”
“Because I am not of this world.” Rick replied and frowned as Arielle simply laughed, how he loved her cheerful laugh.
“I don’t care, all I care about is you. I did kind of have my suspicions anyways.” Arielle stated as she continued to caress his cheek.

Smiling brightly at the fact that Arielle had accepted him, he was certain that she was the woman for him and although the relationship was still rather new, Rick knew that he loved Arielle with all of his heart. Taking a deep breath Rick did got down on one knee and proposed to Arielle, he knew that it wasn’t how he had planned to propose but he hoped that it was romantic because it wasn’t romantic. (Sim Logic)

“Arielle, back on my planet the woman proposes to the man but in your world it’s usually the man who proposes. When I first arrived in your world, I was lost and homesick but the moment my eyes laid upon you, I was no longer lost nor homesick. Arielle you are my world and I ask you to marry me so that I may become your world.”

Arielle looked down at the shimmering rock upon her hand and considered the question for a few moments before looking back at Rick.

“What do you think?” Arielle replied with a grin of happiness.

Feeling extreme happiness that Arielle agreed to become his wife, Rick lifted her up and gave her a passionate kiss.

Over the following month, Rick had began to worry for his soon to be bride’s sudden illness and although Arielle had masked it off as a stomach bug, Rick insisted that Arielle take a pregnancy test. After some convincing, Arielle finally took a pregnancy and as she looked down at the test and as she looked down at the little white stick, she couldn’t help but feel conflicted.


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